Friday, April 14, 2006


Stop the Corruption

The following post first appeared on the Arkansas Watch blog.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

On Donations from People Your Office Does Business With
Much has been made, as it should be, of the fact that Attorney General Mike Bebee has accepted numerous and large donations from Entergy even though he is charged with regulating that industry in order to protect the people from excessive rate hikes. The Republican candidate to replace Mr. Bebee is Gunner DeLay, who has vowed not to take campaign contributions from the people he is supposed to be regulating.

Well it turns out the practice of taking campaign contributions from the people that your state office deals with is more widespread than just the AG's office. It also appears that Democratic Secretary of State Charlie Daniels takes contributions from an architectural firm that does work for his state office, such as the Capitol Dome itself. The Republican candidate for that office, Jim LaGrone, has vowed not to take campaign contributions from businesses that have contracts with his office.

posted by Mark Moore

This is an area that should receive more coverage. At a recent appearance by Gunner DeLay, Mr. DeLay spoke to a mixed crowd at a College Republicans meeting in Fort Smith about this very subject. Many students and teachers were taken aback by this revelation. Most thought there should be a law against such practices.

Perhaps candidates like Jim Lagrone, Gunner DeLay and others should propose that very type of legislation. They should push this hard throughout the campaign. I believe most people do not realize Beebe and Daniels are doing this. This is the very foundation of corrupt politics and it should be brought to an end. Jim and Gunner are just the type of individuals that can bring this about.

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