Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Decision 2006 - Arkansas Governor

Top 5 reasons Mike Beebe should not be Governor of Arkansas:

1) Beebe has never seen a tax he did not like.

2) He cannot seem to keep his story straight with his employees on what is state property and what is his property.

3) He has cozy bedfellows with AOG and other public utility officials while the rates for those utilities keep rising.

4) Beebe has been all talk when defending Arkansas and the poultry industry against Oklahoma and it's frivolous lawsuit against Arkansas.

5) Beebe's penchant for backroom politics with shady characters like Nick Wilson (convicted of tax evasion and conspiracy) and Jim Guy Tucker (convicted on federal fraud charges).

Top 5 reasons Asa Hutchinson is the best choice for Governor of Arkansas:

1) Hutchinson seeks to "make it harder to raise taxes by requiring a super-majority vote before the state legislature can raise sales or general taxes again."

2) He wants to increase the incentive for prospective employers to come to Arkansas by creating an exemption on the utility sales tax for manufacturers.

3) Asa has a comprehensive program to fight illegal drugs, including expanding drug courts and providing for rehabilitation for drug users.

4) He wants to ensure that the state is 'afriend and not an enemy' of rural schools, so that children in ruraland Delta areas have the same opportunities as kids in urban areas.

5) Asa Hutchinson seeks to strengthen "Jessica's Law" to fight sexual predators, strengthen private property owners rights to combat government abuse of "public use" laws.

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