Friday, May 26, 2006


"Dr. Death" Rethinks "Dignity in Dying" Campaign

Dr. Jack Kevorkian sits in jail - dying. He has no apparent regrets for assisting the deaths of the terminally ill. However, he does regret the method used to bring the story of the dying to light.

Kevorkian now believes he should have worked within the legal means available to him. Rather than admitting that assisting those who were dying to achieve their wishes was wrong, Kevorkian says that his method of promoting the "Death with Dignity" idea was all wrong. Big surprise.

There were two primary camps opposed to Dr. Death and his supporters. One group opposed the death with dignity campaign on moral grounds. Their argument centered around a double nucleus of the sanctity of life and the moral imposition of having a physician carry out the death procedure. This group was the most vocal and contained the majority of supporters.

The other group opposed Kevorkian on legal grounds. Their view was, and is, that assisted suicide is illegal and anyone assisting in the death of a patient is violating the law. This group consisted of law enforcement and the legal community. It was this group that actually stopped Kevorkian in his tracks as his now sitting, and dying, in prison.

The ABC News story, linked above, seems to show that the moral issues have had no effect on Kevorkian. His "rethinking" of the "Death with Dignity" campaign falls on deaf ears because the lack of a moral change in viewpoint.

What if a rapist decided in an interview that he has changed his opinion on rape? But, rather than saying that rape is wrong and that he will never attempt another one, he says that what he has concluded is that the method in which he raped his victims, and ultimately got caught, was wrong. How then do we view the rapist? As reformed? Then why should we view Kevorkian any different?

He has stated through inference that he would still help people commit suicide, just that he would not be as public about his methods.

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