Saturday, May 27, 2006


El Presidente Fox Is on His Soap Box

Does anyone have a problem with the leader of a nation - Vicente Fox, Mexico - that is having a mass departure of its residents telling the leaders of another nation how it should govern its immigration policy?

I recently saw a stat that said that nearly one in ten Mexican citizens reside in the United States. I suppose El Presidente Fox must believe he has the right to some governing in the US when that much of his populace lives here.

What do you think?

The fair tax will take care of most of the economic problems that we are having with illegal immigration on all fronts of the U.S., not just Mexico. My good friend is not a citizen, BUT is here legal, and she is going through the legal process required to obtain citizenship in these united states. Listen, we need to reform the way that we aquire our taxes, and eliminate the confusion that we currently have. Even "visitors" will help us out with our taxes. We, as a country need to unite, suck it up, and demand a tax reform! We need to pass the fairtax!
An interesting angle that is not without merit. That may require some investigation.
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