Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Haiku Karate

Light Head Harry

A ditty to Light Horse Harry.
A Dem flag he was to carry.
He went to the Fight
While others paid right.
Now he's called "Cash and Carry."

Underestimating Christian Jim

There is a prophet by Half
Who served on the General's Staff
But the Dog's did attack
From front and from back
But the prophet got the last laugh.

'02 Revisited

There once was a Big Baby Boy
Who's Daddy gave him a Toy
But it was Tiny Tim
Who cast out his Flegm
Now Big Baby Boy is all a-joy.

The Lady's a Tramp
If you read "Do As I Say: Lessons in Liberal Hypocracy" you will get this one.

The Grapes and the Den
Of Mice and for Men
The Lady's a Wop from the East
She plays to the Men
But takes from the Man
The Lady's no tramp, but a Beast.

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