Monday, May 01, 2006


ILLEGAL Immigration Must Stop NOW

Today, illegal, legal and sympathizers are marching in the streets across the nation. In Mexico City, there are marches in solidarity with the marches in the U.S. the legislature in the People's Republic of Communist California voted in favor of the marches. Politicians of all stripes are bowing down to the ILLEGAL immigrants.

What is wrong with that picture? Are we, a nation of LEGAL immigrants, to bow to the pressure of illegal aliens? Are we to succumb to the power of those who would violate the laws of a nation founded on laws?

"But, we can never round them all up," we hear. "We can never secure the entire border," they say."Phooey," I say. If we cannot round up all of the illegals, are we to let them all go then? That is surrender. Because we have such an enormous border, we shouldn't even attempt to secure it? If that is the case, then let's scrap the entire American Experiment.

We must secure our borders, lest we allow terrorists easier access. We must streamline the emigration process, lest those who would normally obey our laws circumvent them to get here. We must punish those who would violate our laws, lest all of our laws fall by the wayside.

Am I mad? You betcha. When I find myself in agreement on topics with someone as anti-immigrant as Joe McCutchen (see: SWTimes letter-to-the-editor), I know something is wrong in this country.

In the past, immigrants that came from various parts of Europe were met with hostility, yet they gave up there former country to become Americans. The attempted to assimilate. Their children and grandchildren have become the leaders of our businesses and communities. They did not march in the streets carrying the flag of their former country. They did not demand that laws change in order to suit their demographic. They assimilated.

The marchers today slap every immigrant who came here through the legal process in the face. They disrespect the heritage of those who came before them.

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