Monday, May 22, 2006


Mexican Stand-Off On Policy

Mexico's Double Standard on Immigrants

While Mexican authorities and rights groups call Americans racist for demanding control of our southern border, Mexico continues to do the very thing it condemns. If you are not Mexican, you cannot work in Mexico, except in very specific cases.

While Mexico's foreign born citizens make up 0.5% of the 105 million person population, the foreign born residents (legal and illegal) in the US make up 13% of a 299 million person population. Also, where the US grants citizenship to nearly a half-million people annually, Mexico grants citizenship to roughly 3,000 people per year.

"Do Unto Others..."

How does Mexico treat illegal aliens from Central America? Certainly not in the manner they expect the US to treat their citizens that cross illegally into our border states.

"Considered felons by the Mexican government, they fear detention, rape and robbery. Police and soldiers hunt them down at railroads, bus stations and fleabag hotels. Sometimes they are deported; more often officers simply take all their money."

"In the night, you hear the gunshots, and it's the judiciales (state police) chasing the migrants,” Virginia Sanchez, a housewife who lives in the town of Tultitlan, said. β€œIt's not fair to kill these people. It's not fair in the United States and it's not fair here.” Sanchez lives near the railroad tracks that carry Central Americans north to the U.S. border.

My View

The US should, and generally does, treat illegal aliens humanely. No other nation in the world has immigrants risking their lives at the rate Mexican citizens do to come to find work and freedom. That bodes well for the US. However, control of our borders is mandatory if we are to continue to have these opportunities for immigrants and the native population of our country. I do not believe we can stop all illegals nor can we deport all illegals. But, we must try. We cannot catch all murders, yet we try. We do not catch all speeders, yet we try.

Illegal aliens are criminals in this respect, they broke this nation's laws by entering in the manner in which they did. While they do provide a valuable service in many areas, illegals also drain public coffers by using government services and hospitals without regard to cost. These are service that should be provided to native born Americans first. If we have financing available afterwards, then yes, we should assist those others in need.

Ultimately, we need to revisit the manner in which we provide documentation to aliens that wish to come to the US. If the legal process can be cleaned and speeded up, fewer people would seek illegal means to arrive. Strengthening our border security is a prime objective, but streamlining the process will alleviate the burden on security.

None of this can be done overnight. There is no :magic wand." We must be vigilant in the process. But, we must proceed in this manner.

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