Thursday, May 04, 2006


Moussaoui Must Die

Defiant Moussaoui gets life term:

It pains me in too many ways that our country, the United States of America, has turned soft. Moussaoui sat in a jail cell prior to 9/11, knowing full well about what was to happen, and told no one. He sat in that jail and lied to the FBI, and let all of those poor souls die. He trained to fly a fifth airliner into the White House. He has stated that, if released, he would kill as many Americans as possible. Yet, a jury, certainly not of his peers, sentenced Moussaoui to a life sentence.

Some may believe that if we execute him, al Qaeada will retaliate. Well, duh. But, what are they going to do with this pond scum sitting in an American prison? More than likely, they will do the same thing terrorists have done to Israel for decades - attack until we release him. That or offer to trade him for a number of American hostages. So, either way we face an attack from terrorists.As long as we keep Moussaoui alive in prison, we will face a constant threat of attack. If we had given him the death penalty, we would have faced attack for the short term.

Our weakness is trying to appear compassionate to nations and peoples that want us dead. They do not want to negotiate with us. They do not want us to be nice. they do not want us to just leave the oil producing nations. They do not even want us to leave all of the Muslim territories (and remember that Spain, part of France, and part of Greece are parts of the old Islamic empire), never to return. No! They want us dead. We are infidels to them.We are only worthy of death to these extremist Muslims.

In the interest of national security, the presiding judge should override the jury's sentence and send Moussaoui to the gas chamber as quickly as possible. Besides, Moussaoui has a great chance to win on appeal. Remember the jury cannot be of his peers because he is not an American. He can easily claim he did not receive a fair trial on that reason. Some day, some liberal judge somewhere, will find that as a justifiable reason to turn Moussaoui free.

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