Sunday, May 21, 2006


Why I Am Voting For Jim Holt

In 2004, I supported Jim Holt in his run against US Senator Blanche Lincoln. Despite being outspent by a tremendous amount and a state wide media that was hostile to him, Holt made the race closer than any incumbent is ever comfortable with. Why? Because Jim Holt stands for the same core values that a majority of Arkansans stand for. Though he lost, his message got out. The people who had an opportunity to meet him found they were in agreement with him.

I found him to be an engaging person that understands the fears and needs every family faces. Raising their children while schools teach material they find objectable, working extra jobs just to afford the taxes imposed upon them, and defending the sanctity of life and marriage are important to Jim. I discovered that he is not, by any means, the extemist the media portrays him to be. He is a strong Christian, a veteran that dearly loves his country, and a father that provides and impeccable example for his children.

Jim Holt has my vote for Lt. Governor of Arkansas. How will you vote?

Below are a number of reasons that I will be voting for him beyond what I have already stated. The information gathered is from a friend that compiled this data. It can all be verified. I invite each of you to endeavor to discover the truth. You too will find Jim to be a remarkable Arkansan and a friend.

Who has stood by Jim Holt? How about small and independent business, the National Rifle Association, and Arkansas Right to Life for starters?

Senator Holt has a 100% rating by the National Federation Of Independent Business & sponsored Act 2287 to protect property rights.

The NRA has given Senator Holt a straight "A" rating.

Sen. Holt was given a perfect voting record by Arkansas Right to Life.

State Senator Jim Holt voted against these bills in an attempt to protect Arkansans from an over reaching state government and slow or stop runaway spending of taxpayers dollars.

Holt voted against SB42 the bill which resulted in $360 million tax to increase our sales tax to 6%. 2003 Session

Holt voted against Act 84 to pay an Ohio company $10 million to assess the school buildings in the state for needed improvements which will result in a few billion dollars for buildings according to several sources. 2003 Session

Holt voted against the facilities bill that allows the State to take over all school facilities in Arkansas (Facilities Committee recommended 4.5 BILLION for next five years.) 2003 Acts of Second Extraordinary Session of 2003.

Holt voted against the Omnibus bill Act 1467 which implemented a government controlled curriculum in every school in Arkansas and will result in additional state department employees. Only four other senators voted against it. 2003 Session

Holt voted against Act 98 in 2003 to give $107 million dollars to Arkansas Department of Education for 32 new employees. 2003 Session

Holt was the only senator to vote against allowing the isolated school district to be closed which has now caused numerous children to ride the bus in several schools 1 hr 45 minutes one way (3 ½ hours a day on the bus) 2005 Session

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