Thursday, June 15, 2006


Another Bill In the White House?

Watch Out For the Man From Albuquerque

As stated within this blog, and in response to John Brummett's assertion that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, I hereby restate that Bill Richardson WILL be the Democratic standard bearer. And this means trouble for the Republicans.

Governor/Ambassador/Presidential Advisor Bill Richardson is an enigma that the Republicans have not faced in several decades. He has real conservative leanings on immigration and some fiscal policies. So too, he stands with the liberal wing of his party on civil rights and legalizing drugs. On issues dealing directly with business and personal responsibilities, his position is uniquely moderate. Combine these positions with the fact that he is respected by numerous world leaders with whom he built relationships during his years as an ambassador for the Clinton Administration.

While we are still two years out from the final primaries for President and it is yet to be seen which Republicans will arise, the Democrats have a robust race already gathering with the likes of Senator Clinton, Trial Lawyer extraordinaire John Edwards, and 2004 loser John Kerry tearing up the Iowa cornfields. Al Gore is making noises of running again as well. All of these candidates are solidly liberal and it will end up being a race to see which one can grab the rabid liberal base. But then there is Richardson. As a respected - one of the few - member of the party with a position that will grab the conservatives and moderates in the party, he will stand alone at the end of the day.

Where he poses the problem for Republicans is in that his positions are moderated enough to make getting the ever important undecided vote nearly impossible. Both parties will receive their base 30-35%, and then will fight over the voters in the middle. Richardson only makes that fight tougher. A Hillary, Little John or Big John campaign would have a definite lean in favor of well spoken conservative candidate in a general race. The Dems surely remember '92 and will look for someone who has a legitimate chance. That chance will be Bill Richardson.

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