Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Beebe's Rhetoric Stinks

"Today, we take a step forward for a positive vision for the state of Arkansas."
Mike Beebe to a crowd in North Little Rock, June 16.
"Mike Beebe's economic development plan will make Arkansas a full partner in the global economy of the 21st century."
Mikebeebe.com issues section
"There is a simple principle behind my jobs plan - every person in this state who wants a job should have one. As governor, I want to help people expand their opportunities and realize their dreams by making economic development our central concern. In the Beebe administration, economic development will be spelled J-O-B-S."
Mike Beebe, February 9
To read and hear what Mike Beebe has to say, I almost want to vote for him. Then I realize what he is not saying. How he plans to achieve these goals. He says he has a "plan" for economic development - where is it?
We do know he has Hooked on Phonics because he can spell "Jobs."
I urge everyone to look at Beebe's campaign website and find his plan. He alludes to a plan. There are discussions of a plan. There is no plan, though. In his issues section, every issue link to date is from February.
Basically, Mike ain't talking. Sure he is making speeches, appearing with other candidates on the ticket, glad-handing the choir, but he is not saying anything of substance.
I have a degree in Rhetoric. I have traded horses. I have been a truck driver. Take my word on this, I know BS when I see it. So far that's all Mike Beebe is shoveling.
Meanwhile, Asa Hutchinson has a plan for economic development, for strengthening education, for workforce education, and for tax reform. He is criss-crossing the state, discussing those plans with Arkansans of every stripe. Asa is bold in his belief that his plans are right for Arkansas. That shows in the fact that he has put those plans out in the open for all to see.
Truth is a wonderful thing. The truth is, Mike Beebe has not shown any plans to the public, Asa has. Beebe is hiding behind rhetoric to avoid being seen for what he really is, a fraud.
One of the first things taught in a rhetoric class is that your word is only good so long as people trust you. Mike, we don't trust you.

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