Monday, June 19, 2006


Charlie Daniels Fiddles While Arkansas Votes

It is the job of our elected officials implement and monitor changes that either take place on their watch or are ordered by the courts or legislature. Charlie Daniels has failed at that task.

In a report by Rob Moritz of the Arkansas News Bureau, Daniels states, "ES&S let Arkansas down. They let our election officials down, and they let me down. I am disappointed and frustrated over their poor performance in this state and what I considered to be their shockingly cavalier attitude toward managing this project for the first five months of the implementation."

The question still remains for the coming general election - will the machines work or will we be waiting for days to find out the results. Daniels must get his act together before voters will be confident that their vote is truly being counted.

Had he been doing his job properly, these "disappointments" and "frustrations" would never have occurred. ES&S should have been monitored and had a target date for completion well before the primary elections so as to work out any possible glitches before they arose. This did not happen and now we have an electorate in Arkansas that has little faith in the technology.

For the Democratic party, whose mantra since 2000 has been "Make every vote count," this should be a black eye. One has to wonder if their mantra should be phrased"Make every vote count except when we are in charge."

Daniels opponent in November, Jim Lagrone, states "I get concerned when people's votes don't get counted. I get concerned when votes are counted wrong." Funny, Daniels never mentioned the voters in his statement. His focus was on himself and other officials being let down.

Well, Charlie. You let the voters down. Come November, the voters should show you the door for your failure and lack of concern.

Somebody should be asking questions about the lobbyist and friend of Charlie Daniels, Andy Crawford, who works for ES&S and helped get them the contract despite the fact that the Secretary of State's own advisors recommended another company.

What is the relationship between Daniels and Crawford?
Lagrone revealed today in a speech the target date that you ask about. It was in February.

He also was asking why Charlie was not hammering ES&S back in February, when they originally missed their deadline..and if that didn't work why didn't Daniels forewarn the county clerks and voters that trouble was comin'
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