Friday, June 23, 2006


Media Aids the Enemy

NYTimes Story

Breitbart Story on NYTimes and LATimes

When the Nazi's were preparing to invade Poland, they sent in spies and enlisted like-minded organizations within Poland. This was referred to at the time as a fifth column. As the attack started, these fifth columnists took to the street to cause confusion for the defending Poles. What resulted was an unprepared Polish army that could not communicate due to telegraph lines being cut, could not maneuver due to sabotage, and (in some cases) had been infiltrated.

Unlike the Nazi's, al Qaeda does not have to send in fifth columnists. We have inadvertent buffoons sending information of our every defensive move. When it was "discovered" that the US intelligence community was listening in on phone conversations of suspected terrorists that were communicating with known terrorists, the information was outted by the US media. When a handful of soldiers crossed the line at Abu Graib and dishonored the soldiers serving valiantly, the US media proclaimed the evils of America for weeks.

In fact, a person must search for stories of soldiers doing good work in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the big three networks lead virtually every telecast with bad news from the front. "2500 American Soldiers Dead Since War in Iraq" or "No End in Sight in Iraq" serve only to diminish America's confidence in its soldiers. The "If it bleeds, it leads" frame of mind is getting old. Does anyone remember the serious debate that occurred over news anchors wearing American flag lapel pins?

Now, the glorious fifth column has "exposed" another of the intel communities successful operations. On top of that, the White House pleaded with the NY Times and the LA Times not to run with story because it would diminish intel capabilities. So, like the patriotic Americans they are, they ran with the story.

While the First Amendment states that there is a "freedom of the press," there is also a responsibility that goes with that freedom. The very people that will benefit from the stories that have been run are the same people that would destroy the freedom the press so vainly adores.

Why do they do this? Is it because they love al Qaeda? Are they naive enough to believe that the terrorists do not monitor the major media outlets in the US? Are they so blinded by their hatred for President Bush and all things Republican that they are willing to sacrifice American citizens lives?

I truly believe it is the latter. Media outlets such as ABC, CNN, NY Times, and so on, despise the Bush administration so much that they are willing to write or say anything that is remotely negative to the President. Rather than siding with America's enemies, I believe that they are blinded by this hatred to the point that they either do not see or do not care that they are helping terrorists by exposing the methods we use to investigate terrorist activities.

Odds are, if you are reading this column, you rarely watch or read these media outlets due to their biased reporting. The only way to stop them from exposing our intel capabilities is to severely prosecute the leakers and seek a method to legally prosecute the reporters that are providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

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