Friday, June 16, 2006


Questions for the Lt. Governor Candidates

These are my questions for the Lt. Governor candidates. Those readers who would like to add to these questions may submit them in the comment section. Some may be added to the main page.

The candidates will be emailed for their answers. Responses will be posted in their entirety without editing.


1) Hypothetical - The Governor will be out of town for three weeks. In his absence, you are the acting Governor. What would you try to accomplish with your new-found, albeit temporary, power?

2) We all remember the spike in fuel prices when hurricane Katrina shut down many of the refineries in New Orleans and hurricane Rita struck the Beaumont and Lake Charles region. Would you recommend the building of refineries in Arkansas? What measures would you take to protect Arkansans from future energy spikes?

3) Arkansas' production of students with a Bachelor's Degree is statistically comparable to other states of similar size. However, our retention of those students is dismal. What measures would you promote to retain these high value students?

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