Friday, June 16, 2006


Questions to the Candidates for Arkansas Attorney General

I have a few questions for our Attorney General candidates. If you have a question you would like to pose, put them in the comment section and I may add them to the list. As the candidates respond, this post will be updated with their exact quote. While I may personally lean to one candidate over the other, I believe in being honest when reporting information. Both candidates have my promise of fairness and honesty.
1) Considering the high cost of education, is there a legal way for the State of Arkansas to provide an education for the children of American citizens without having to provide the same educational opportunities to the children of illegal or undocumented aliens?
2) With the rising cost of electricity and natural gas, what recourse do Arkansans have, given that utility companies must seek approval for rate hikes?
3) Hypothetical Question - A popular mayor in a mid-sized city takes some money under the table for a project and is found out. His voting tendencies run along the same lines as your party and he has been beneficial to candidates from your party in the past. What actions do you take?

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