Thursday, June 01, 2006


Third Party Anyone?

Political affiliations and political parties have corrupted the political ideology of the American people. Moderate Republicans are to the left of conservative Democrats. Liberal Democrats are slightly to the right of socialist France. Conservative Republicans are considered extreme by the mainstream media while conservative Democrats who hold the same views are overlooked.

When I first became politically aware - about the time Reagan took on Ford for the Republican nomination in 1976 - the conservative movement began a steady migration to the Republican Party. The political left - primarily, made up of left-overs from the hippie movement, disenfranchised civil rights activists, and environmentalist doom-and-gloomers, started climbing towards the leadership of the Democratic Party. Those seeking the middle ground, areas on which there was great agreement, started finding themselves without a voice.

Voices from the middle consisted of leaders such as Sen. Daniel Patrick Monyhan, VP George Herbert Walker Bush, Rep. Barbara Jordan, and Rev. Billy Graham. These were great voices that were seldom heard at the beginning of the 1980s. They were overshadowed by liberal elitists such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Thomas "Tip" O'Neal and Conservative idealists such as Pres. Ronald Reagan and Sen. Phil Graham.

Today, there is a great void in the political middle. Those who would stand in the middle ground are branded as conservative by the liberal establishment and liberal by the conservative establishment. Because of this great negativity, few are willing to stand up for moderation of tone and action for fear of being tarred as weak by either side.

America is on the verge of being ready for a three party system. If the parties continue their race from the middle, soon a legitimate third party will arise. The party will consist of those that are culturally conservative and fiscally liberal and/or vice-versa.

What I would like to see - I know this is a pipe dream that stands little chance of actuality - is a Liberal Party, a Conservative Party, and a Moderate Party. I know this sounds somewhat like the Canadian system, and I despise much of Canada, but by dividing the political spectrum into three legitimate parts we can provide a stable exchange of ideas in a stable system. With a population as large as the United States, it is ridiculous to think all are represented by to myopic parties.

As a Reaganite, I realize that this goes against the teaching of Ronald Reagan about the "Big Tent" of Republican politics. At the same time, I believe this would be a natural progression of American politics. And, who knows, the next political map may be red, white, AND blue, rather than just red and blue.

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