Friday, July 07, 2006


Beebe Impunes Bloggers.

The Arkansas Press Association Convention served as a sounding for where Mike Beebe stands. Or better yet, where he doesn't stand. You see, Beebe stated that he is for this and for that, but he never actually states what he will do. Rather he took the opportunity to impune "partisans from both political parties, bloggers and mean-spirited people."

Hmm. I am not mean-spirited, ask any liberal I have sat around with over coffee or sodas. They will tell you that I like discussions and debate on ideas, the nuts-and-bolts of the matter. But they will also tell you I am passionate about my beliefs, yet never hold any honest discussion against my opposition.

I am not the political partisan that he speaks of, for I am a Republican-by-default. In other words, I am a conservative and the Republican Party happens to be the home of national conservatism as well as statewide conservative thinking. If the Republican Party were to become a party of liberals then I would be in the position of Ronald Reagan when he said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me."

So that leaves the bloggers. Friends, that's you and me. Because we take the time to read his website, the news, and other bloggers, we are now part of the problem, according to Beebe. And if you read the statement carefully, you see he is not speaking of just the conservative bloggers. No. He says, "partisans from both political parties, bloggers..." That's all political bloggers.

Is Mike Beebe against free speech? I am sure that if the blogs were leaning more in his direction he would have left bloggers out of the equation. So, no, Beebe is not against free speech in general; he is simply against speech that points out his ever-present flaws.

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