Monday, July 03, 2006


Beebe & The Sheriff's Task Force

According to the El Dorado News-Times, Mike Beebe and Union County Sheriff Ken Jones are collaborating - more or less. As typical with Beebe, he let someone else do the work and then hitched his wagon to it.

Jones has been working as chairman for the Arkansas Sheriff's Task Force. Apparently, the task for is to link all of the Arkansas county sheriffs to come together in times of national emergency in the state. Jones told News_Times reporter John Worthen that he got the idea from the Louisiana Sheriff's Task Force.

"We are all interested in doing the same thing," Jones said. "We learned during Katrina that we can't depend on the federal government to help us, so the sheriffs decided that we can turn to each other. It's just a good concept, and General Beebe has helped us put this together."

The fact that Union County Sheriff's Department, as well other county sheriff departments, assisted Louisiana in their time of need is laudable. That is what all good neighbors do. That's what makes for good communities.

My problem is with the statement "we can't depend on the federal government to help us" says a lot when looking at the mind set of the good sheriff. First of all, the federal government cannot come to the aid of states in emergency situations without being requested. If the state, such as in Louisiana's case, waits until the last minute to request aid, how then is it the federal governments fault for deficiencies?

The sheriff is right to prepare, but he would be wise to know what the constitutional authority of the federal government is in emergency situations. He would also be wise to keep a wary eye on Mike Beebe.

Of course , as Beebe talks of being prepared and agreeing with Sheriff Jones that the state must be self reliant, he also states that he would "use the governor's office to request federal resources for the position..." Poor Mike just can't stay away from the government teat.

But, isn't that just like a liberal? Always turn to the feds for help instead of helping themselves. Okay Mike, one more time. The federal government is an option of last resort. Arkansas needs to look at growing its economy by lowering the outrageous tax rates in order to pay for needed programs.

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