Tuesday, July 11, 2006


More Islamic Extremists Attacks To Come?

What is the deal with the Islamo-facists and the number 11?

Now for some food for thought. The 911th day after the Madrid bombing will be coming up in the first week of October. Also, this November will be the 911th anniversary of the papal decree that started the crusades. We all know how much Osama and company hate the "evil crusaders."

Yes there have been other al Qaida attacks on dates that had nothing to do with 11 or 911. True, there were 29 other days in November for them to attack. And yes, there probably are other mathematical equations someone can come up with. But it is worth considering.

Will there be an attack at those times? Who knows? Shouldn't we at least be aware of some serious possibilities and be a little more cautious at those times?

Just something to ponder.

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