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On the Passing of Win Rockefeller

Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller, 57, has passed on. He is survived by his wife, Lisenne, three daughters, five sons, a granddaughter, and his mother, Barbara.

To many people in Arkansas, Win Rockefeller was the Lt. Governor and a member of one of the most powerful families in the world. But he was so much more. From nature conservation and the boy scouts to great humanitarian deeds, Rockefeller was what every Arkansan, and American, should aspire to be.

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"Win Rockefeller embodied the ideals of compassion, generosity, and humility. He was a wealthy man, but his real wealth was not his money, but his heart for serving others." Mike Huckabee

"Susan and I share the hurt of all of Arkansas in this great loss to the Rockefeller family and to our state, and our prayers go out to Lisenne and all of Win's family and friends. I knew Win for over 30 years, and my admiration for him grew in every one of those years. He was a dedicated public servant, a great Arkansan and, most importantly, a good man. He will be remembered for his devotion to his family and service to others; for his tremendous courage in the face of great difficulty; and for his deep love of this state." Asa Hutchinson

"We are saddened to learn of the death of Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with the Rockefeller family during this time. The Republican Party of Arkansas will forever remember Win's leadership of the state and the party that he loved so dearly. Arkansas has lost one of its best. He was an extraordinary individual who did extraordinary things for so many. Win Rockefeller was a true statesman and one of Arkansas' consequential leaders. We are all honored to have known such a remarkable person." Gilbert Baker

"I was deeply saddened to hear the news today of the loss of one of our great public servants, state leaders and a close personal friend, Win Rockefeller. There are not enough words to pay tribute to his character and his good works on behalf of our state and our people.

"He faced tragic illness with the courage, character and class that had distinguished him for decades. Although he is at peace now, we face a great loss. He set an example for all of us.

"Having worked closely and been friends with Win for years, this is a personal loss for me and my family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rockefeller family." Mike Beebe

"I will always regard Lt. Gov. Rockefeller as a gentleman who raised the level of political discourse in Arkansas and had a true, abiding love for Arkansas in his heart. This is definitely a sad day for us all." Jason Willett

"Win could have lived anywhere and done anything, but he chose to give himself to the state both as a public servant and as a philanthropist." Jim Argue

”What can I say to express our loss? Words are not enough. Win was such a dear friend to my family and me, but truly he was a friend to every Arkansan he met. He was as down-home Arkansas as they come. He was common yet, such an extraordinary man. He was a man of faith and family, a man that had such a deep love for his state and country - a patriot indeed. Yes, I grieve, for I have lost a dear friend today, but greater still, Arkansas has lost a servant-son. My family and I encourage everyone to join us on our knees as we pray for his wife, his family, and our state at this time of loss.” Jim Holt

"Shanti’s and my thoughts and prayers have long been with Win Rockefeller and his family. Arkansans had hoped and prayed for a better outcome from his treatment. His passing today means we have lost a truly caring public official who made a difference for all Arkansans. Arkansas is fortunate to have had Win for as long as we have. He will surely be missed. Shanti and I extend our condolences to his family, friends and staff members." Bill Halter

"I believed in Win Rockefeller and what he stood for. He put aside party politics for the greater good of all Arkansans. He had a vision for our State economically that excited all of us and a vision that we sadly, as a State, may never have again. My heart is full of thanks for all that Win Paul Rockefeller did for all of us but my heart also aches for what could have been, that may never be." Rick Green

"The state has lost a truly great leader in Win Rockefeller. He will be greatly missed by the Repbulican Party and all the people of the State." Shirley Walters

"Win Rockefeller always seemed to good to be true. He was always well dressed, but not over dressed, polite, in a good mood, and answered tough political questions in such a clear, straight forward manner that I often wondered if his innocence would hurt his career. To my knowledge, it never did. His jokes were dry, but funny. Win clearly loved his wife and children, and was devoted to them. While he was protective of their privacy, he often shared short stories about them. A couple of different times I heard him share stories about spending a lot of time with his grand parents.

"One of the funniest statements I heard, along with a couple of hundred other Republicans was at our annual convention about three years ago when he had just been elected as our Statewide Chairman. Win stepped up to the microphone and thanked everyone for electing him and acknowledged the huge debt we owed. In what seemed the same breath, Win looked us all in the eye and said, 'but I want to make it clear, I'm not going to be your ATM machine.' We all laughed, and even though he said it in a joking fashion, we also knew he was serious. Win was a great Republican Party Chairman, a great Lt. Governor and a great friend to all Arkansans. He will be missed." Jim Medley

"The Arkansas State Police Commission, the commanders of the Arkansas State Police, our troopers and civilian staff all extend our deepest sympathy to the Rockefeller family and join with our state in offering prayers of support in this time of loss. We will forever be indebted to his service, thankful for this time with us and his friendship and will always strive to meet his impeccable standards of public service." Arkansas State Police Department

"He was truly an ambassador for Arkansas around the globe. There wasn't a business door in the world closed to Lieutenant Gov. Rockefeller, and he used that countless times to help the people of his beloved state." Larry Walther

“Little Rock lost a great friend today with the death of Lt. Governor Winthrop Paul Rockefeller. On behalf of the citizens of Little Rock, I want to express sympathy to Lisenne and the rest of his family. Win was a great leader in the community; he led by example. There are numerous organizations that benefited from his contributions of time and talent. Youth, education, conservation, the arts, and healthcare organizations all were beneficiaries of his generosity and involvement. Though a public official in his later life, Win remained a private man committed to his family. He was more concerned with serving others than being served. This interest in helping people is what ultimately led him to finally enter politics. Since I learned of his diagnosis last July, I have kept him in my prayers. I have also prayed for his family as they supported him. Now, I direct those prayers to support his family in this time--and to thank God for the life of Winthrop Paul Rockefeller and the lessons he taught us. The City of Little Rock and the State of Arkansas are certainly much better because of Winthrop Paul Rockefeller." Jim Dailey

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