Sunday, July 23, 2006


U.S., Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Lebanon

Hezbollah is an international terrorist group with supporters around the globe. They are part of an overall terrorist movement that includes, but not restricted to, al Qaeda, the PLO, Hamas, the Syrian Government, the Iranian Government, certain members of the Saudi Royal Family, certain members of the American Democratic Party (Sen. John Kerry, US Rep. Jack Murtha, et. al.), and certain members of the media (NY Times, Daily Kos, et. al.).

If one believes that the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict is merely a regional (albeit globally felt) tiff, take a look at the pictures below and see the city of origin for each photo. Then tell me that Hezbollah/al Qaeda/Hamas is not a global power with its tentacles in our on back yards.

(Note: Most Muslims do not subscribe to the global terrorism that has been seen nightly on our televisions and daily in our newspapers. However, a large percentage believe Israel must be destroyed)

It is the firm belief of the Sniper that once the United States stops support for Israel, that will be the beginning of the end for Us. This does not mean that we must stand by and let Israel do as they please. We must be firm in our support, but resolute in our restrictions.

At this point, the United States maintains some sort of control over Afghanistan and Iraq (air superiority). We have fleets stationed in the Arabian Sea and in the Mediterranean. We have satellite surveillance capabilities. We must inform Iran and Syria that we will not involve ourselves in the conflict in Lebanon so long as they stay out of it as well and we will not tolerate any military support (directly or indirectly) from either country to Hezbollah.

At the same time, we must force the U.N. to take action to prepare a force to move into the zone Israel is clearing out in order to prevent Hezbollah or other terrorist groups from moving into the vacuum that will be southern Lebanon once Israel returns to its side of the border.

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