Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Beebe's Tax Votes Hard on Jobs for Graduates

Poor Mike is at it again - snortin' and distortin'. The truth is, Mike Beebe is not part of the solution for Arkansas, he is the problem.

Arkansas college graduates leave the state on a regular basis to find jobs with the degrees they have earned. Why? Because businesses shy away from the state due to the prohibitive taxes. And Mike Beebe has never voted against a tax increase that I can find.

From NWAnews.com:
Beebe of Searcy was a state senator from 1983-2003. His record includes yes votes on the following measures, each of which became law: In 1983, a sales-tax increase from 3 percent to 4 percent for education. In 1991, a sales-tax increase from 4 percent to 4. 5 percent and sales tax imposed on used motor vehicles, mostly to raise teacher salaries.

In 1995, a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot in 1996 for a one-eighth percentage point sales tax for conservation measures.

In 1995, a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot in 1996 to require school districts to have a property tax of at least 25 mills for maintenance and operation for schools. In 1997, a state income-tax cut of $ 71 million by raising the standard deduction and exempting the lowest income earners from paying income tax, among other things. In 1999, a capital gains-tax cut by exempting 30 percent of a taxpayer’s capital gains from being taxed.

In 1999, a constitutional amendment placed on the 2000 ballot to create a $ 300 homestead property-tax credit and limit property-tax bill increases to 5 percent annually. In 2000, a state sales-tax increase from 4. 625 percent to 5. 125 percent to make up for the homestead property-tax credit.
That is just a part of his tax-and-spend history. Compound that with his continuous flip-flopping on issues and his dubious friends and one can see that he is not a solid choice for Arkansas. Heck, he doesn't even measure up to a flimsy choice for the state.

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