Sunday, August 06, 2006


Brummett Bumbles Again

I read John Brummett’s article on the Gun Dust-up between Gunner DeLay and Dustin McDaniel with some interest. You see, the first post on the issue came here… and I always read John’s writings as they are intended – as humor. At least that is all I have ever really gotten from John. His essays always seemed too befuddled to be meant as serious writing, to me.

In describing the job of AG, John writes, “What you do is sit in the corner office while lawyers on your staff research the law and issue advisory opinions, represent state agencies in litigation, intervene in utility regulatory matters in behalf of consumers and track down, publicly disclose and occasionally sue over consumer scams.”

Apparently, John has been watching Mike Beebe at work. There is supposed to be a lot more to the job than sitting on your fanny, twiddling your thumbs. An AG is supposed to be a leader. The best leaders we have had in this country were men and women that lead by example.

Filing a frivolous lawsuit is not what I would call “leading by example,” unless of course you take the job of the people’s attorney as frivolous.

And I do believe the lawsuit in question was frivolous. Followed to its logical outcome, we should sue GM when someone uses an automobile in a drive-by shooting. Remington Arms and the guns owners had absolutely nothing to do with those murders. Those boys stole the weapons from a law-abiding citizen to use for a murderous act. All Dustin and his daddy did was to make more victims – this time of the legal system.

Let me ask you something Mr. Brummett. How much did it cost the owner of those weapons in attorney fees? Unless the attorney worked free of charge, it was probably more than the man could afford.

Oh, and John, if you would care to look at the court documents (available at you will notice more than a few places containing Dustin McDaniel’s signature. That means he took an active role in this fiasco, not a passing one as daddy’s lackey.

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