Monday, August 28, 2006


Long and Lonesome Highway

Have you ever turned down a country road, and meandered along, looking for a turn off that would take you over to the main highway? You know that turn is just ahead - somewhere. And the further down that road you go, the further you will have to drive to get back to the main road.

That is the path the Democratic Party is being taken by Mike Beebe and Jason Willet. Along with the True Carpetbagger, Bill Halter, and the Shady Character, Charlie Daniels, Beebe and Willet have moved the party so far to the left it is barely recognizable. Now, independent candidate Rod Bryan and the Green Party will force the Democrats to move even further left to maintain their base.

It's not enough that Beebe has some daft ideas. No, he has a penchant for taking the other side of his own stances. Kind of reminds you of the Tommy Lee Jones character - Two-Face - in the Batman movies. Of course that would leave Willet as the Riddle. Halter = the Joker and Daniels = Mr. Freeze. Hmmm, Martha Shoffner as Poison Ivy? Naw, Poison Ivy was hot and smart. Martha misses on at least one count. You decide which one.

But back to the road analogy.

In most campaigns, Dems move to the left and Republicans to the right during the primaries in order to capture their base. Once the general election starts, the candidates must move towards the center to apprehend the moderate and swing voters. Beebe had no primary opponent, thus he just drifted towards the left slightly. That opened the door for far left candidates to enter the race as independents and Green Party members - traditionally Democratic voters. Now, Beebe must travel farther down that road to get his base before he can try to move back to the center.

Beebe's first television ad shows him as some sort of everyman for the average Arkansan. The problem is capturing the middle voter, without his base, leaves him short of enough votes to win. If he moves to the left to get that base, he leaves the middle ground for Asa Hutchinson.

Regardless of what the mainstream pundits say - are you listening Mr. Brummett? - it is getting too late in the campaign to be shifting your camp hard left then back to the middle. It is because of this predicament that Beebe has found himself in that he will not win.

Of course, Asa will have to stand up with his ideas and beliefs. He cannot waiver, lest he be confused with Beebe. As long as Beebe keeps shifting and Asa stays on his steady course, the race will be Asa's to lose - regardless of the recent aberrant poll.

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