Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Mike Beebe Comedy Troupe

East Podunk, AR
Steve Friery - Reporting

In a move designed to confuse the Hutchinson Campaign for Governor, Gubernatorial candidate Mike Beebe appears to have left the governors race with the intent to run for Court Jester. His hijinks have left all supporters and opponents stunned.

Earlier this summer, Beebe showed off his talent for acrobatics when he did a double-backflip somersault on the gay adoption issue. Supporter I. B. Cornfused was overheard saying, "It was the most confounding thing I ever seen."

When asked about his penultimate flip-flop, Beebe stated, "If I can't win 'em with my smarts, I'll dazzle 'em with my tricks."

Beebe is not a one-trick pony, however. His exploding box stunt awed audiences around the state. While speaking on Homeland Security and the Pine Bluff Arsenal, he folded himself neatly into a box and then stood up smiling as his statements exploded around him.

Eyewitness Elmer Fuddrucker exclaimed, "It was crazy! There was smoke and mirrors everywhere."

"I was scared to move for fear of being hit by flying debri," said Patsy Schmo, with husband Joe and their five little Schmos in tow.

Entertainment guru, John Brummett, claimed, "This is the new 'Greatest Show on Earth.' Or at least in Cornfield County."

Joining Beebe on his comedy tour was Jonesboro's own action/comedy act, Dustin McDaniel and magician, Bill Halter.

McDaniel's gun tricks nearly stole the spotlight from Beebe.

"He was shooting left on every shot. And not a solid target in sight," said Dag Nabit.

"This beats all I've ever seen," Mary Q. Contrary.

The Halter disappearing act closed the show as no one could find Halter or his beliefs once the act started.

For show dates and ticket information, call (501)555-LIES.

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