Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Term Limits Working

While many of the old politicians in the state opposed term limits - as did their counterparts in the media - it has proven to be better for Arkansas than anyone hoped.

Consider this, there are very few representatives left in the state house since term limits were instituted. In the state senate, the list of senators serving prior to that date is dwindling. Even on the statewide ballots, there are no candidates on the ballot, save Charlie Daniels, that were in a statewide office in 2000.

The infusion of fresh blood in the state house of representatives has moved that house to the right politically. Many of the Democrats that were elected from the eastern and southern parts of the state are conservative in nature. If they hailed from the northwest or western parts of the state, chances are they would have an R trailing their names.

While it is true that Republicans have not made marked gains in the house or senate, they have gained nonetheless. Their conservative ideas are catching hold with conservative Democrats. Conservative legislation is passing at a rate which is alarming to their liberal counterparts.

This year, we conservatives have an opportunity to expand our horizons. We have a full slate of highly qualified conservatives running for statewide offices. In order for us to succeed, each of us must do everything in our power to get out the word on our candidates to the conservative-yet-nonpolitical friends and family in our personal circles. We must all write a letter to the editor to our local paper and to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

A Republican sweep would be unprecedented in modern times for Arkansas. But it is fully within our reach.

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