Wednesday, September 27, 2006


7-11 Drops Chavez and Citgo

While dealing OPEC for oil may be a bitter pill to swallow, it gets worse when you realize that one of the OPEC nations is in our own hemisphere - Venezuela. Venezuelan "President" Hugo Chavez has made a mockery of democracy in South America. He has taken over most industries in the country, including the oil industry. And recently, Chavez mounted the podium at the U.N. to berate President Bush, calling him a "devil" and an "alcoholic."

One of the largest chain convenience stores in the country, 7-11, has decided to drop the Venezuelan owned Citgo as their fuel provider. Nationwide, that will be more than 2100 gas stations dropping Citgo. That should make a dent in the Citgo coffers, but probably not much in the Venezuelan economy. In time, the communist government that Chavez leads will ruin that.

Americans should consider boycotting all Citgo stations and all stores that use Citgo as a supplier. Together, we can send a serious message to Chavez that we will not stand idly by when he speaks against any American leader in such a way.

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