Monday, September 25, 2006


Arkansas/Oklahoma Fair 2006

A few items from my weekend at the fair.

When the Republican booth temporarily ran out of "ASA" fans, our valiant Republican faithful quietly walked down to the Democrat booth and got themselves a "Beebe" fan. They then returned to the Republican booth to get Asa stickers to cover up the Beebe fan.

Quiet Resolve:
A friend, and fellow Republican, was standing at the Republican booth catching up on old times, when a gentleman walked up. The new guy identified himself as retired Army and proceeded to berate my friend and I for five minutes over how bad President Bush "screwed up" with his jaunt into Iraq. The peeved private stated that his son had volunteered to go on a second tour of duty over in Baghdad, then complained about how all of the soldiers are having to serve more than one tour over there.

Neither my friend nor I spoke, other than to say "I see" or "Yes" to the despondent dirt soldier. When he finally ran out of wind, we simply thank him for his and his sons service and told him how proud we were of both of them.

Our crushed corporal didn't know what to say. He simply turned and walked away.

Hog Wild:
A satellite dish company set up a large screen television one aisle over from the Republican booth. Fortunately, they had the Hog game on. From my vantage point, I could only see a corner of the T.V. - just crowd shots, mostly.

I didn't have any problems knowing who had won, though. When the game ended, the whole show barn erupted in a cheer.

The Third Time is the Charm:
We had one lady come buy the booth three times. On each pass she would say, very loudly, "When Clinton lied, nobody died." On the third pass, someone from behind her called out, "What about Waco and Ruby Ridge?"

I never saw her again.

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