Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Message From Asa Campaign

From the "Asa for Governor" campaign:

We’re getting a lot of calls from supporters angry about Asa’s signs being vandalized, ripped up and torn down.

All over the state, from Texarkana to Jonesboro , vandals are spraying graffiti on our signs, tearing them down, and otherwise destroying them. We've also seen where the Beebe campaign has put up double Beebe signs -- sandwiching Asa's signs between them so that nobody can see them. And, yes, we do realize that these attacks are being done in systematic fashion across the state.

However, we urge our supports not to take retaliatory action. No reason to fight crayon with crayon.

The way the candidates are running their campaigns gives you an idea of what kind of Governors each would make. We think that the systematic effort to destroy Asa's signs says volumes about the differences between the two campaigns, and Asa wants our campaign to maintain the high road.

In fact, we want our vandalized signs to remain up, as visible reminders to voters about the difference between the two campaigns.

Thanks for your continued hard work in helping get Asa elected as our next Governor! And keep putting those signs up! Obviously, folks are noticing!

Chris Battle
Campaign Manager
Asa For Governor

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