Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Minneapolis-St. Paul? Get the Rolaids.

What is the leadership of the GOP thinking? Are we trying to give away the '08 race? First of all, we have no "A" listers sticking their heads up at this point. Maybe a "B+", but no "A's." And second, choosing Minneapolis-St. Paul?

Come on! The only state to vote against Reagan in '84 was Minnesota - and that was because Reagan's opponent was from there. This is the state of Humphrey for goodness sakes. The closest the entire state has come to electing a conservative was when Jesse Ventura became governor - feather boa and all.

Don't say that we must face the liberals on their own ground and defeat them. If that was true, why not San Francisco?

Why not reward states such as Ohio? Cleveland ain't that bad. Or maybe Texas to say goodbye to the current President. San Antonio might help with the Hispanic vote.

The point is there were better options. Would Reagan have a serious discussion on America's future with his closest friends in Moscow?

We chose New York in '04 and we faired alright didn't we?
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