Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Thanks for the HIGH Energy Bills, Mike

Have you noticed the gas prices coming down? But those electric bills aren't. They would if they were forced to remove that "recovery" charge.

The charge was originally sold as a means to recovery what the electric company lost due to the hard freeze and ice storm a few years back. Do you think they have had sufficient time to get recoup their losses? Another story that has passed around on the charge is that the monies lost on the entire electric grid during the rolling blackouts in California nearly bankrupted the electric companies and this is a way to get them all back on to stable footing. So, we are being punished for Grey-out Davis' mistakes from back when he was governor of California, if this report is true.

Keep this in mind, part of the job of attorney general is to regulate the electric and natural gas companies. Our current Attorney General is Mike Beebe. Did you know he worked in the energy industry before serving as their puppet in the Senate and as AG?

So while Beebe and his crooked cronies line their pockets with energy company donations we walk perilously close to personal devastation due to those same energy companies. Gee, thanks Mike!

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