Tuesday, September 26, 2006


There Goes Brummett, Again

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan speaking to Sam Donellson, "Well... There you go again, John."

While defending the latest round of Bill Clinton's sociopathic lying, John Brummett claims that FOX News is the "epitome of political partisanship masquerading as journalism." Sorry, John. Just because FOX News isn't an extension of PRAVDA, doesn't mean they are not real journalists. They just don't drink the liberal Koolaid as MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, et al. do.

" Clinton indeed is a great world leader..."
Hmmm, let's see about that. Bosnia - we were told troops would be there for six months to a year. That was in the mid 90s. We still have troops there. And America has no legitimate interest in the former Yugoslavia. Haiti - there's a great achievement. The are still holding necktie parties down there. Just because Clinton "tried, " the media quit covering the story. That was enough for PRAVDA. Oh! We can't forget the Middle East initiatives of the Clinton administration. They really worked well, didn't they?

"... a noble ex-president."
Noble has a ring of confidence and an air of justness. Not really the things I would associate with Bill Clinton. A "noble ex-president" would look beyond what the media says about him; he would let history speak for itself. But then, Bill knows history will speak ill of his eight years - Monica, Jennifer, perjury, Waco, Blackhawk Down, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzalez, Loral missile Technology sales, etc.

"You are aware that Republicans want to say that 9-11 was Clinton's fault."
No, not at all. We readily recognize that mistakes were made by several Presidents, by several agencies, by numerous members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, and by everyday citizens that were paying attention to their daily lives and overlooking obvious signs. But, blame? We blame only one group of people for 9/11. We blame the Islamo-facist terror groups that committed that vile act. No more, no less.

By going back and looking at the entire chain of events, without the veil of personal protection, allows all of us to find the errors made by America that could have prevented this from happening. It also allows for the prevention of future acts. Lies about the record and obfuscation only lends to more errors in the future. If Bill Clinton truly cared about America, as he cares about how history will perceive him, he would stop lying. (How do I know he was lying? He wagged his finger again. That's a sure sign.)

In the interview, Clinton kept referring to Dick Clarke's book. Dick Clarke was in charge of terrorist prevention for the entire Clinton era and parts of both Bush eras. More terrorism occurred on his watch than at any other time in America's history. I don't believe I would rely on someone with that kind of record. However, the 9/11 Commission Report does not support Clinton's claims.

This morning, Condi Rice has come out to dispute Brother Bill's claims. He said that his administration left a comprehensive terror plan in place for the Bush Administration. Rice says that just isn't so. Knowing her track record and Clinton's history of telling the truth, I believe Condi.



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