Monday, October 09, 2006


Beebe Says... But What Has He Done?

Mike Beebe says that he wants to help Arkansas education, but as leader of the Democrats in the Arkansas Senate he did very little that was successful. Arkansas' education testing stayed at the bottom of the national rankings during his tenure. All he is offering now is a rehash his old failed ideas. No thanks.

Mike Beebe says that he is for tax relief and wants to phase out the grocery tax. He says that phasing it out is the "responsible" thing to do. Mike Beebe is "responsible" for raising taxes consistently throughout his legislative career. The idea of cutting taxes to create growth is foreign to him. Saying good-bye to the grocery tax in a Beebe regime is nothing more than a pipe dream. No thanks, again.

Mike Beebe says that he is all for national security and fighting America's dependence on oil. Sorry Mike, you are coming to that game late. Asa has been on the political frontlines securing Americans from terrorists as Undersecretary of Homeland Security. As a Congressman, Asa has a record of supporting oil independence for America.

The fact is, Mike Beebe has been part of the problem on taxes, education, and oil independence. Now he says he wants to provide Arkansas a solution. Right! Like we are actually going to see the grocery tax end under a Beebe Regime. And education, why didn't he try to fix that when he was the top guy in the senate?

It's real simple, folks. Liberals want to wring their hands over the problems, but they never actually get around to solving them. Asa will fix the problems and bring Arkansas into the 21st century.

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