Friday, October 06, 2006


Bus Tour Comes To Fort Smith With FanFare

The first leg of Asa's statewide bus tour came to an end on Friday night in Fort Smith. A group of about one hundred people gathered to welcome Asa and Susan to their adopted hometown of Fort Smith. (Yes, Asa, we did notice that you were the only person in the debate to mention Fort Smith. And thanks! We know someone is thinking of us in the River Valley.)

As the bus pulled into the parking lot everyone streamed out of the pavilion holding "ASA" signs and cheering. When the doors of the bus opened, everyone on board rushed out with the same great enthusiasm. Some quick hugs and handshakes and we all went back into the pavilion.

Col. Dallas (ret.) of the 188th thanked Asa for his efforts in turning the tide with the Brack Commission and keeping the 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith where they are loved and respected. Then the Colonel introduced "the next governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson!"

Asa gave a great speech, touting the accomplishments of his career and the improvements he has in store for Arkansas - eliminating the grocery tax, saving rural schools, growing Arkansas jobs, and fighting illegal immigration. Ever the gentleman, Asa touted his greatest strength as well, Susan.

Asa's thoughtfulness was not reserved to just family, he singled out the efforts of the Sebastian County Republican Women for the evenings shindig.

As our next governor was finishing up the speech and thank you's, Fort Smith's Channel 5 KFSM News decided to show up for the event. They did get a good interview with Asa and later with Susan. While Susan was being gracious with our intrepid reporter, Jared Broyles, Asa made the rounds. He took the time to speak with everyone that wanted to talk to him.

Then it was off - reportedly to the Northside Grizzlies game. Go ASA! and Go Grizzlies.

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