Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Dems Halloween Commercial - Oooh Scaaaary

Well, well. Our nefarious carpetbagging Richey Rich has pulled back on his purse strings and gotten the Dems to foot the bill on some commercials. However, if you watch the Demo-Comms closely, you will notice that they are using the same pattern that has failed in the last four election cycles - scare the elderly and threaten the poor.

Come on! Arkansans are smarter than that. They know that the minimum wage increases only result in higher prices. In fact the price increases are higher than the wage increases, thereby making the very product they produce too expensive for them to buy.

Case in point: I stopped by the local Subway Sandwich shop for the 3-for-a-dollar cookies. Yes, I know, I really don't need to be eating more cookies, but... Anyway, the price had risen to $1.49 for the three cookies. The manager stated that the increase in minimum wages for her trainees forced her to raise the price of everything. If the price of the cookies rose by $0.49, then what about the price of chicken, autos, or air conditioners?

And scaring the seasoned citizens about their social security! Please.

Galveston, Texas opted out of the SSI years ago - back when it was legal to do so - and their retirees now live with a minimum of three times that of what the average SSI recipient receives. What is their secret? Privatized retirement plans.

Let's face it, SSI is going to go bankrupt. I am 41 and expect I will never see a Social Security check. The idea of allowing younger workers to opt out of the plan for a privatized option is a plan that should seriously be considered.

What does Halter want? To use Al Gore's "lock box?"

Tell ya what Billy Boy, go back to making your own commercials. While they where misleading, they where at least entertaining. Then again, the ones the Dems are making for you are scary enough for Halloween - if you are crazy enough to believe them.

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