Sunday, October 29, 2006


Just For Kicks And Grins - Write-In

I voted the other day. In Sebastian County, it looks like it may be a decent turnout for a mid-term election if the early voting is any indication.

Something I noticed - I probably should have thought about this a few months back, like in mid-March - is that there are no Republicans running for Land Commissioner this year. So, I started thinking. Why not start a write-in campaign at the last minute.

I know it sounds stupid to start something this late in the game, but what the heck. Our only choice is between someone beholden to the leftwing tree huggers or a real leftwing tree hugger. Either way we are screwed.

When you go in to vote, carry a little scrap of paper with my name on it - Steve Friery. Check the ballot to make sure you can write in someone's name in the Land Commissioner position. If not, ask the people running the voting station how to do a write-in. Hey, that's part of their job description anyway. Put my name in the write-in location for Land Commissioner.

Let's at least have some fun with this position. Who knows, we might get more write-ins than the Green Party gets votes.

Now would that be something?

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