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Tax Cuts - And The Rich Paid More

According to his website, Asa Hutchinson has stated that he will "continue his efforts to reduce taxes so that Arkansans will have more money in their pockets to pay for their children's education, purchase a home or expand their business."

"For years, policymakers and legislators in Arkansas responded to every challenge the state has faced by raising taxes. So instead of growing a vibrant economy and creating new jobs and expanding our tax base, the state hiked taxes again and again and again up to a point where working families just can't afford to pay anymore and our economy is stifled. He has also called for broad-based tax relief for working Arkansans."

As typical of the left, the Dems claim that that will benefit the rich. This is the same thing they said when President Reagan proposed his tax cuts in 1981. Yet the coffers filled up and Congress spent like drunken sailors - no offense to sailors. Again in 2001, tax cuts were proposed and passed - this time by President Bush. Predictably, the left screamed that it benefited the rich.

This time, as last, they were wrong.

According to a paper from the National Center for Policy Analysis, "Millions of upper-middle and moderately high-income earners also benefited from tax rate cuts. But the analysis shows their savings was limited by the Alternative Minimum Tax, which eliminates some deductions and credits they could otherwise claim on federal tax returns. The levy particularly hits those whose high state and local taxes become ineligible for federal tax deductions.

"For instance, taxpayers who earned between $100,000 and $200,000 in 2004 paid 22.5 percent of all federal taxes, up from 19.4 percent four years earlier. Those who earned between $200,000 and $500,000 in 2004 paid 17.9 percent of all federal taxes, up from 15.4 percent in 2000, the analysis showed."

Asa's tax proposals will bring in higher dollar amounts to the states coffers without undo harm to any mandatory projects. In fact, if history is any guide, jobs will be created by cutting taxes.

Other bonuses from Asa's tax reform plan:

What does Mike Beebe offer? Well, considering his history of raising taxes, you can probably take his proposals as tongue-in-cheek offers at humor.

Keep in mind Beebe has had 20 years of service in the legislature and AG office, yet has never offered these up for consideration himself. He has never shown leadership on this issue and, chances are, never will.

Asa says, "We must think anew and we must act anew. Instead of focusing on new revenues driven by new tax increases, we must look at reducing the state’s tax burden as a way to spur the economy, create jobs, and the needed revenue will flow from a broader and healthier tax base." Reaganesque.

National Center for Policy Analysis: Taxes

Asa Hutchinson: Taxes

Mike Beebe: Issues

You really should update your blog- Or did you retire to suck your thumb and pout after the November apocolypse? This is SO typical-- Neither side EVER does anything wrong, but the opposition is ALWAYS wrong. Speaking as a person who has never been wealthy or self-centered enough to vote Republican (as well as having lived through that lovely period of American History known as "The Nixon Adminisration")I say GOOD SHOW DEMS!!! Why don't the Republicans all band together and take over Cuba? Cuba is accustomed to living under a dictatorial jackass for a leader.
PS- The only base contempt most Democrats have is for the economical and social enslavement of this country that has been shamelessly promoted by the Bush administration.
1) You post on an October column in mid-January of the following year and complain that the site hasn't been updated? When you learn your way around the computer and web, come back and join in the conversation.

2)Nixon covered for people loyal to him. It wasthe cover-up thattook down Nixon. Conversely, when Slick got in trouble for anything (like lying under oath to a grand jury or selling Nuke secrets to China), he threw someone else under the train atevery chance.

3) Cuba is a communist country. That would be more fitting for thenew speaker of the house - Mz. Pelosi.

Need I say more?
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