Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is what will happen before I stoop to voting for a liberal. Of course if, by shear chance, they are right about global warming, then this won't happen. So I win either way.
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Actually you are retarded

Wal-Mart recognizes global warming along with every legitimate scientific community in the world...ony Bush and Pat Robertson don't believe its real and Bush is just playing pretend to please the "crazies"...its not a liberal issue... unless of course you think science is liberal

Ironically, if we keep this global warming pace and we have the ice caps on Greenland and the Arctic melt it will actually send Europe into an ice age (I am sure you think Europe is I guess you might be voting the right way in the not too distant future)

I know you probably need some help understanding but it goes like this...take a glance at England its at the same latitude as Alaska...what keeps it warm is the trade winds coming off the Atlantic; if all that fresh water caused by snow melt hits our oceans it would shift the trade winds and Europe would enter its second ice age


keep voting for those evangelical crooks. Dumbass. Turn another blind eye to the widespread corruption
Ok, let's review.

First, I called no person any names. Yet, "Mr. Faubus" resorts to name calling to support his argument.

Second, he assumes I follow that which Pat Robertson says. (A) I don't trust any televised evangelist, though I am a Christian, and (B) we all know about assuming.

And Third, science is showing that these global warming and cooling periods are cyclical; man's contribution is minute compared to the harmful chemicals released from volcanoes and earthquakes.

(Also, you might want to review your history. Europe has had many more than one ice age. The most recent mini-ice age ended officially in the early part of the last century.)

Yes, I do believe science holds many truths. However, I do not believe the junk science that Al Gore and his ilk are trying to force feed on society. They have used only selected parts of science that fit their pre-concieved notions and have left out other scientific facts that disprove many aspects of their argument.

Is the world warming? Slightly. Is it man's fault? No more than it is a cow's fault (methane). I would rather look at a study that incorporates all sciences and geological histories. I believe that will be a more accurate guide.
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