Thursday, November 02, 2006


Avoid the Bad Weather - Vote Now

Has anyone looked at the weather predictions for Arkansas on election day? I know with all of the political info to peruse and our daily lives, weather is kind of wake up and look. However, it is looking more and more like it will be raining on Tuesday - at least in western and northwestern Arkansas.

For that reason, everyone who hasn't already, GO VOTE NOW!!!

Republicans have traditionally voted heavier in the early voting time period than Democrats. This year, if we increase or lead in that area, then we can shoot for broke on Tuesday. Democrat turnout is lower on election days when it is raining. Combine those two facts with having outstanding statewide candidates = Republican sweep.

So, grab a friend, a family member, or any other like-minded Republican and go vote Friday or Saturday. It will be raining Monday and Tuesday, so don't take a chance.

Also, voter turnout is expected to be at an all time high. For that reason, the voting schedule has been changed. Republicans are to vote on Tuesday. Democrats are instructed to show up to vote bright and early Wednesday morning.

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