Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thoughts on the Election...

Ok, so I was wrong - way wrong. So was Columbus.

I went to UA-Fort Smith and let all of my liberal friends rub it in for the entire day. Can't honestly say I have ever seen a liberal do that when they lost.

Think about it though. Arkansans poll:

Add to that:

It is no wonder that a logical person would conclude a slight Republican victory. I guess Huckabee was right, Arkansas may well be a banana republic.

The one redeeming factor of having the leading Democrats in Arkansas holding office in Little Rock is that now we have all of the rats on the same ship.

Here's a question for you Democratic readers. If all I do is whine and gripe, piss and moan, and offer no new ideas (like the democrats have done for the last two years) will you vote Republican? That appears why the Dems won on Tuesday. They certainly didn't offer any ideas or solutions.

You mean youre not going to the shrink with post elections stress disorder ? You mean no suing every polling place, that showed a loss? You mean no crying that voter suppression took place everyware and was systematic? You mean I dont get to use the race card? You mean I dont get to say that democrats stole the election?


I guess Republicans are just not built that way, you know the whole personal responsibility thing !

Great Blog. Well get em next time !
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