Sunday, December 10, 2006


Here's My Beef - I Couldn't Resist

To all of you enviro-loving vegans, as a carnivorous-beef-loving-middle-aged-white male, I can now officially tell you to “Shut Up!

A new study shows that the greatest threat to the environment, in terms of emissions producers, is the lowly cow. I have long contended in jest that I was truly the defender of the ozone for my insistence on eating as much beef as I could afford.

Now, with this information in hand, I am able to claim the throne (a throne I share with all other beef eaters) of humanitarian. I am saving the ozone as best I can. I am creating a glut in the leather market, thereby forcing down the cost of leather goods and more ably clothing the world’s poor. And, according to the article on this study, I am cutting down on the frequency of the occurrences of acid rain.

I expect to be hearing from Al Gore any day to offer me the Humanitarian of the Year Award.

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