Friday, May 05, 2006


A Kennedy In Trouble? Who'ld of Thunk It?

Ok, so Teddy's boy is in trouble with pills or alcohol or something. Who didn't see this coming? At least he didn't drive off a bridge with some young girl strapped in the passenger seat. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, or in this case far from the orchard.

To this point, Patrick Kennedy has changed his story twice so far - "I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident" then "Apparently, I was disoriented from the medication." Now he states that he "does not remember the accident at all." With witnesses coming forward stating that they served him alcohol and that they believe they saw him in a bar earlier in the evening, expect another change of story. And this is not his first accident nor his first problem with addictive products. He has been in rehab recently and he had an accident in another state in the last few months.

If the police unions are upset, then Kennedy has real trouble. Even the Democratic Party cannot completely control the police union when they are mad. Hmmmm, they didn't get this upset with Rep. Cynthia McKinney when she assaulted and officer. Is the police union prejudiced against New England Democrats?

Well one thing is sure, someone needs to stop Rep. Patrick before he does something really foolish like skiing into a tree or flying a plane into the sea or even raping some poor girl on a Florida beach.

For the sake of argument, how many more Kennedys will New England and New York make the rest of the nation endure?

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Moussaoui Must Die

Defiant Moussaoui gets life term:

It pains me in too many ways that our country, the United States of America, has turned soft. Moussaoui sat in a jail cell prior to 9/11, knowing full well about what was to happen, and told no one. He sat in that jail and lied to the FBI, and let all of those poor souls die. He trained to fly a fifth airliner into the White House. He has stated that, if released, he would kill as many Americans as possible. Yet, a jury, certainly not of his peers, sentenced Moussaoui to a life sentence.

Some may believe that if we execute him, al Qaeada will retaliate. Well, duh. But, what are they going to do with this pond scum sitting in an American prison? More than likely, they will do the same thing terrorists have done to Israel for decades - attack until we release him. That or offer to trade him for a number of American hostages. So, either way we face an attack from terrorists.As long as we keep Moussaoui alive in prison, we will face a constant threat of attack. If we had given him the death penalty, we would have faced attack for the short term.

Our weakness is trying to appear compassionate to nations and peoples that want us dead. They do not want to negotiate with us. They do not want us to be nice. they do not want us to just leave the oil producing nations. They do not even want us to leave all of the Muslim territories (and remember that Spain, part of France, and part of Greece are parts of the old Islamic empire), never to return. No! They want us dead. We are infidels to them.We are only worthy of death to these extremist Muslims.

In the interest of national security, the presiding judge should override the jury's sentence and send Moussaoui to the gas chamber as quickly as possible. Besides, Moussaoui has a great chance to win on appeal. Remember the jury cannot be of his peers because he is not an American. He can easily claim he did not receive a fair trial on that reason. Some day, some liberal judge somewhere, will find that as a justifiable reason to turn Moussaoui free.

Monday, May 01, 2006


ILLEGAL Immigration Must Stop NOW

Today, illegal, legal and sympathizers are marching in the streets across the nation. In Mexico City, there are marches in solidarity with the marches in the U.S. the legislature in the People's Republic of Communist California voted in favor of the marches. Politicians of all stripes are bowing down to the ILLEGAL immigrants.

What is wrong with that picture? Are we, a nation of LEGAL immigrants, to bow to the pressure of illegal aliens? Are we to succumb to the power of those who would violate the laws of a nation founded on laws?

"But, we can never round them all up," we hear. "We can never secure the entire border," they say."Phooey," I say. If we cannot round up all of the illegals, are we to let them all go then? That is surrender. Because we have such an enormous border, we shouldn't even attempt to secure it? If that is the case, then let's scrap the entire American Experiment.

We must secure our borders, lest we allow terrorists easier access. We must streamline the emigration process, lest those who would normally obey our laws circumvent them to get here. We must punish those who would violate our laws, lest all of our laws fall by the wayside.

Am I mad? You betcha. When I find myself in agreement on topics with someone as anti-immigrant as Joe McCutchen (see: SWTimes letter-to-the-editor), I know something is wrong in this country.

In the past, immigrants that came from various parts of Europe were met with hostility, yet they gave up there former country to become Americans. The attempted to assimilate. Their children and grandchildren have become the leaders of our businesses and communities. They did not march in the streets carrying the flag of their former country. They did not demand that laws change in order to suit their demographic. They assimilated.

The marchers today slap every immigrant who came here through the legal process in the face. They disrespect the heritage of those who came before them.

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