Thursday, May 18, 2006


Clinton vs. McCain? I Think Not. Update

Original Post 4/14/2006

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton and John McCain matchup in the '08 race for the White House. Many of the pundits believe this is all but a given. Of course most of those pundits claimed Dr. Demento... er... Dean had the nomination in 2004, so no sense in looking at them for good prognostications.

I will go on record here and now and say, "Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee." Oh that she were. That would guarantee a Republican victory. Her problem is her highness is despised by the conservative Democrats and not trusted by the moderates in the party. With her moves to the center of late, she risks alienating the left wing of her party.

Here's what happens: John Kerry jumps into the race and moves quickly to the left of Hillary. Not to be out done, her highness steers hard left to make up the lost ground. As the two best known liberals, and a few lesser knowns, split the California nut vote, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson collects the moderate and conservative Democrats, as well as a few liberals. Richardson WILL win the Democratic nomination in 2008.

The Republican race is wide open. Granted, the odds on favorite is Sen. John McCain. However, party loyalists have taken to calling him Benedict McCain because of his penchant to stab his own party in the back. I'm not sure that Sen. Frist has what it takes to win the nomination either. He's a good man and all that, but he just doesn't appear to have the political stamina to win. Rumors of Gov. Mike Huckabee becoming the next "Dope from Hope" will prove to be unfounded as well. It is my belief he is maneuvering to become the next Senator from Arkansas.

That leaves Condi Rice. Yes, she says she is not running. Yes, she says she is flattered by the talk. Yes, she is saying all of the right things to make others beg for her to run. Out of those that have poked their head up to look at the political landscape, Condi is the only "real" A-lister. If the Republicans do not run a true A-list candidate, Richardson will clean their proverbial clocks.

The election is two and a half years away. A million things could happen between now and then. With all of the uncertainty, I will only commit on two things at this point. 1) Hillary will not represent the Dems in 2008 and 2) the Republicans will commit suicide if McCain represents them.


Arkansas columnist John Brummet still claims that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee for President. He goes on to claim that Gov. Huckabee will be the running mate with supposed Republican Presidential nominee John McCain.

As to Ms. Rodham - er - Hillary Clinton, some interesting tidbits to support my theory that Clinton will NOT win the Democratic ticket.

- Sarandon, one of Hollywood's most outspoken liberals, has endorsed Hillary Clinton's opponent in Sen. Clinton's re-election bid. Sorry Hillary, the rats are jumping ship. You may want to reconsider that run for President.

- Columnist and Democratic consultant to failed nominee Michael Dukakis, Susan Estrich writes, "I think that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, soon-to-be second-term senator from New York, centrist Democrat, strong on security, tough, moderate, family values, middle-aged, qualified, managed by Bill Clinton, is the next president of the United States." Calling Hillary a "Centrist Democrat" is akin to calling Joe Stalin a moderate Communist. But, stating that she is strong on family values is outrageous. Hillary's choice for the Supreme Court was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ms. Ginsburg was a lawyer for the ACLU that supported children's rights to sue their parents and provide condoms in the classroom. Hillary's book, It Takes A Village, was nothing more than a diatribe against family values and in favor of government control of how parents raise their children.

- The Financial Times reports that Conservative Rupert Murdoch is planning on holding a fund raiser for Ms. Clinton in July ( This is surely too much for the liberal elite to suffer. Expect the Betty Ford Center to be at maximum capacity after this event.

To sum this up, Sen. Clinton is too conservative for liberal activist/actress Susan Sarandon, a moderate with "family values" to consultant Susan Estrich, and hangs out with conservatives like Rupert Murdoch. This will split the Democratic Party into tiny pieces during their primary. If, and that's a big if, Al Gore does not get into the race, John Kerry has her liberal base split. Gov. Bill Richardson has the moderate and conservative democrats splitting with her. Now El Diablo, Tom Daschle, is making moves to get into the race. He will not be a serious contender, but he diversify the moderate vote even more. All told, Hillary will be lucky to get second place in the Democratic Primary.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Decision 2006 - Arkansas Governor

Top 5 reasons Mike Beebe should not be Governor of Arkansas:

1) Beebe has never seen a tax he did not like.

2) He cannot seem to keep his story straight with his employees on what is state property and what is his property.

3) He has cozy bedfellows with AOG and other public utility officials while the rates for those utilities keep rising.

4) Beebe has been all talk when defending Arkansas and the poultry industry against Oklahoma and it's frivolous lawsuit against Arkansas.

5) Beebe's penchant for backroom politics with shady characters like Nick Wilson (convicted of tax evasion and conspiracy) and Jim Guy Tucker (convicted on federal fraud charges).

Top 5 reasons Asa Hutchinson is the best choice for Governor of Arkansas:

1) Hutchinson seeks to "make it harder to raise taxes by requiring a super-majority vote before the state legislature can raise sales or general taxes again."

2) He wants to increase the incentive for prospective employers to come to Arkansas by creating an exemption on the utility sales tax for manufacturers.

3) Asa has a comprehensive program to fight illegal drugs, including expanding drug courts and providing for rehabilitation for drug users.

4) He wants to ensure that the state is 'afriend and not an enemy' of rural schools, so that children in ruraland Delta areas have the same opportunities as kids in urban areas.

5) Asa Hutchinson seeks to strengthen "Jessica's Law" to fight sexual predators, strengthen private property owners rights to combat government abuse of "public use" laws.

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