Friday, June 23, 2006


Media Aids the Enemy

NYTimes Story

Breitbart Story on NYTimes and LATimes

When the Nazi's were preparing to invade Poland, they sent in spies and enlisted like-minded organizations within Poland. This was referred to at the time as a fifth column. As the attack started, these fifth columnists took to the street to cause confusion for the defending Poles. What resulted was an unprepared Polish army that could not communicate due to telegraph lines being cut, could not maneuver due to sabotage, and (in some cases) had been infiltrated.

Unlike the Nazi's, al Qaeda does not have to send in fifth columnists. We have inadvertent buffoons sending information of our every defensive move. When it was "discovered" that the US intelligence community was listening in on phone conversations of suspected terrorists that were communicating with known terrorists, the information was outted by the US media. When a handful of soldiers crossed the line at Abu Graib and dishonored the soldiers serving valiantly, the US media proclaimed the evils of America for weeks.

In fact, a person must search for stories of soldiers doing good work in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the big three networks lead virtually every telecast with bad news from the front. "2500 American Soldiers Dead Since War in Iraq" or "No End in Sight in Iraq" serve only to diminish America's confidence in its soldiers. The "If it bleeds, it leads" frame of mind is getting old. Does anyone remember the serious debate that occurred over news anchors wearing American flag lapel pins?

Now, the glorious fifth column has "exposed" another of the intel communities successful operations. On top of that, the White House pleaded with the NY Times and the LA Times not to run with story because it would diminish intel capabilities. So, like the patriotic Americans they are, they ran with the story.

While the First Amendment states that there is a "freedom of the press," there is also a responsibility that goes with that freedom. The very people that will benefit from the stories that have been run are the same people that would destroy the freedom the press so vainly adores.

Why do they do this? Is it because they love al Qaeda? Are they naive enough to believe that the terrorists do not monitor the major media outlets in the US? Are they so blinded by their hatred for President Bush and all things Republican that they are willing to sacrifice American citizens lives?

I truly believe it is the latter. Media outlets such as ABC, CNN, NY Times, and so on, despise the Bush administration so much that they are willing to write or say anything that is remotely negative to the President. Rather than siding with America's enemies, I believe that they are blinded by this hatred to the point that they either do not see or do not care that they are helping terrorists by exposing the methods we use to investigate terrorist activities.

Odds are, if you are reading this column, you rarely watch or read these media outlets due to their biased reporting. The only way to stop them from exposing our intel capabilities is to severely prosecute the leakers and seek a method to legally prosecute the reporters that are providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Rants - No Raves

Global Warming or Media Dumping?

ABC News is searching for people who have been affected by global warming. It seems they can't find any on their own. In fact they even give pointers on what to look for.

The differences can be large or small: altered blooming schedules, unusual animals that have arrived in your community, higher water levels encroaching on your property.

With our seemingly continuous fight with drought, I especially found the "higher water levels" humorous. The only altered blooming schedules I have seen are at the Arkansas Democratic Party news releases. But of course, we all have seen the unusual animals in the area - Bill Halter.

Well - Egg-scuse meee!

While meeting with crime victims in a small British community, a woman through an egg at Prime Minister Tony Blair. There was no reason given as to why the woman - yes it was a woman - threw the egg at him, but considering his low ratings in the polls over his partnership with President Bush on the War on Terror, is there any question?

This reminds me of the several incidents of the left trying to hit Columnist Ann Coulter with a pie - they missed too. Is there not at least one athlete on the left that can throw straight? Wimps.

And We Let Her Back In?

Actress/Uninformed Political Activist Susan Sarandon visited a preschool in a slum in TJ (that's Tijuana to the uninitiated). Afterwards she surmised that the US (that's us) should build schools instead of walls.

Isn't that the job of the Mexican government and their oil dollars? In fact, if we are going to build schools and send businesses down to Mexico (via high tax rates and government over-regulation), then why don't we just annex the place, make them all Americans, and start drilling all over the country? Because the place is a political cess pool and has been for centuries. Out side of the tourist areas, Mexico makes very little effort to assist its citizens via education. And we certainly should not.

Go back to making your cutesy little movies that most of ignore and leave the politics to people that take the time to actually learn the history of the problem.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


More on Daniels Decision Making

November 20, 2005: “If I made the wrong decision, the buck stops here. But I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure this works right,” Charlie Daniels said.

June 15, 2006: "ES&S let Arkansas down. They let our election officials down, and they let me down. I am disappointed and frustrated over their poor performance in this state and what I considered to be their cavalier attitude toward managing this project," Daniels said.

What happened between November 20, 2005 and June 15, 2006 to cause Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels to shift his tone when discussing ES&S? To understand that we need to know the decision making process that went into hiring ES&S to set up the electronic voting system.

There are many confusing items to sort though. First, a Texas firm, Diebold Election Systems Inc. of Allen, Texas, was rated higher than ES&S by a search committee organized by Daniels. Second, every company that sought to have their machines placed in Arkansas hired a representative from Arkansas. Third, many, if not all, companies donated to Daniels political campaign.
[1] And fourth, there were conflicting reports out of Ohio about the two leading candidates.[2]

Diebold scored higher on the evaluation, yet ES&S received the award. Part of the reason was cost. Peggy Gram, Chief Deputy to Daniels, wrote that “we still have some unanswered questions,” but that ES&S is “the cheapest short-term solution for Arkansas, and gives us what we need now.”[4] Note that she did not say “most cost effective” or best solution for the price” or anything like that. No. She said “cheapest short-term solution.” That was forward thinking, don’t you agree?

While every company that wanted to compete for the state’s contract did hire someone from Arkansas to represent them in the process, it was ES&S that hired the friend of Daniels, Andy Crawford. Crawford is no stranger to Arkansas politics. In March 2002, he provided food for a Daniels fund raising event to the tune of $712.50. He also provided a non-monetary contribution to then Republican candidate Janet Huckabee, in her race against Daniels. However, this amount was far less; it amounted to only $400.[5]

Other candidates provided donations to the Daniels campaign. Diebold Optical Scan system - $300 (via Government Solutions, a lobbying firm), Sequoia Voting Systems of Oakland, CA (represented by Mullenix and Associates which had been a contributor previous Daniels campaigns) were in the running, though Sequoia did not submit a proposal. In fact, another candidate that did not submit a proposal was Hart Intercivic which was represented by Martha Harriman. Daniels has stated that besides Crawford, he considers Harriman and former Rep. Ted Mullenix (R- Hot Springs) to be friends.[6] Strange how two of three friends did not submit proposals for their clients, and the one friend that did submit, received the contract.

Finally, in Ohio, 32 of 88 counties joined in a lawsuit to effectively force the State of Ohio to select ES&S over rival Diebold Inc.[7] At the same time, the chief executive officer of Diebold has stated he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes” and that those votes would be for Bush2004. Daniels and his committee seem to be aware of the turmoil between the two companies. Gram wrote in the committee’s 15-page report, “With the high profile newspaper coverage these incidents have had, I believe that it will be difficult to achieve voter confidence in this equipment.” Also, “I fear we will be spending a larger percentage of our time explaining about the company rather training the people.” However, Janet Miller Harris, deputy secretary of state for elections, wrote that choosing either ES&S or Diebold would get criticized by “some vocal activists who are passionate about voting technology issues [and] will be critical of both Diebold and ES&S, and who will allege that these companies seek to engage in malicious vote tampering.”[8]

It is funny, and not in a ha-ha way, that they decided on the lower rated, tied-to-a-friend, donating more, and less Republican choice. Beyond his other ethical problems, Daniels will be haunted by this decision for years to come. Our decision as voters is – Do we want to worry with Daniels problems for four more years?

June 15, 2006: "ES&S let Arkansas down. They let our election officials down, and they let me down. I am disappointed and frustrated over their poor performance in this state and what I considered to be their cavalier attitude toward managing this project," Daniels said.

The problem Mr. Daniels is that you had oversite over the project and failed. Stick with your first statement and be a man about it.

[1] Wickline, Michael R., Voting-machine Firm Good Fit, Daniels Says, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Little Rock, AR, November 20, 2005.

[2] Blade Columbus Bureau, Ohio’s High Court Enters Voting-machine Dispute, Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH., July 15, 2005.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Beebe's Rhetoric Stinks

"Today, we take a step forward for a positive vision for the state of Arkansas."
Mike Beebe to a crowd in North Little Rock, June 16.
"Mike Beebe's economic development plan will make Arkansas a full partner in the global economy of the 21st century." issues section
"There is a simple principle behind my jobs plan - every person in this state who wants a job should have one. As governor, I want to help people expand their opportunities and realize their dreams by making economic development our central concern. In the Beebe administration, economic development will be spelled J-O-B-S."
Mike Beebe, February 9
To read and hear what Mike Beebe has to say, I almost want to vote for him. Then I realize what he is not saying. How he plans to achieve these goals. He says he has a "plan" for economic development - where is it?
We do know he has Hooked on Phonics because he can spell "Jobs."
I urge everyone to look at Beebe's campaign website and find his plan. He alludes to a plan. There are discussions of a plan. There is no plan, though. In his issues section, every issue link to date is from February.
Basically, Mike ain't talking. Sure he is making speeches, appearing with other candidates on the ticket, glad-handing the choir, but he is not saying anything of substance.
I have a degree in Rhetoric. I have traded horses. I have been a truck driver. Take my word on this, I know BS when I see it. So far that's all Mike Beebe is shoveling.
Meanwhile, Asa Hutchinson has a plan for economic development, for strengthening education, for workforce education, and for tax reform. He is criss-crossing the state, discussing those plans with Arkansans of every stripe. Asa is bold in his belief that his plans are right for Arkansas. That shows in the fact that he has put those plans out in the open for all to see.
Truth is a wonderful thing. The truth is, Mike Beebe has not shown any plans to the public, Asa has. Beebe is hiding behind rhetoric to avoid being seen for what he really is, a fraud.
One of the first things taught in a rhetoric class is that your word is only good so long as people trust you. Mike, we don't trust you.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Charlie Daniels Fiddles While Arkansas Votes

It is the job of our elected officials implement and monitor changes that either take place on their watch or are ordered by the courts or legislature. Charlie Daniels has failed at that task.

In a report by Rob Moritz of the Arkansas News Bureau, Daniels states, "ES&S let Arkansas down. They let our election officials down, and they let me down. I am disappointed and frustrated over their poor performance in this state and what I considered to be their shockingly cavalier attitude toward managing this project for the first five months of the implementation."

The question still remains for the coming general election - will the machines work or will we be waiting for days to find out the results. Daniels must get his act together before voters will be confident that their vote is truly being counted.

Had he been doing his job properly, these "disappointments" and "frustrations" would never have occurred. ES&S should have been monitored and had a target date for completion well before the primary elections so as to work out any possible glitches before they arose. This did not happen and now we have an electorate in Arkansas that has little faith in the technology.

For the Democratic party, whose mantra since 2000 has been "Make every vote count," this should be a black eye. One has to wonder if their mantra should be phrased"Make every vote count except when we are in charge."

Daniels opponent in November, Jim Lagrone, states "I get concerned when people's votes don't get counted. I get concerned when votes are counted wrong." Funny, Daniels never mentioned the voters in his statement. His focus was on himself and other officials being let down.

Well, Charlie. You let the voters down. Come November, the voters should show you the door for your failure and lack of concern.

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