Saturday, July 08, 2006


Proof: Lower Tax Rates Work

The Congressional Budget Office reports that revenues will exceed expectations this year. In fact, the CBO states that it will be 26% (or $250 billion) higher than last year. While the all-time high deficit of $412B was set in 2004, it dropped in 2005 to $318 and is now expected to be $3oo for this year.

All of the arguments the Dems have made over the last year about the deficit growing is now wasted hot air. When President Bush and the Republican Congress cut taxes in 2001, the liberals screamed and the conservatives said it was not enough. While I still believe that they were not cut enough, this news is vindication for the Bush camp.

It is my fervent hope that the politicians in Little Rock and the local elites in Fort Smith will learn something from this and try cutting taxes to spur the local economies rather than constantly putting higher taxes on the ballot. With lower tax rates, new business will move in and established business will expand.

Both state and local leaders must lower (preferably eliminate) the food tax, lower the income tax, and structure business friendly tax rates. If not, Arkansas will remain the high tax island in the center of the country, but soon it may become the desert island. We already have a steady stream of our states young graduates leaving for greener pastures.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Beebe Impunes Bloggers.

The Arkansas Press Association Convention served as a sounding for where Mike Beebe stands. Or better yet, where he doesn't stand. You see, Beebe stated that he is for this and for that, but he never actually states what he will do. Rather he took the opportunity to impune "partisans from both political parties, bloggers and mean-spirited people."

Hmm. I am not mean-spirited, ask any liberal I have sat around with over coffee or sodas. They will tell you that I like discussions and debate on ideas, the nuts-and-bolts of the matter. But they will also tell you I am passionate about my beliefs, yet never hold any honest discussion against my opposition.

I am not the political partisan that he speaks of, for I am a Republican-by-default. In other words, I am a conservative and the Republican Party happens to be the home of national conservatism as well as statewide conservative thinking. If the Republican Party were to become a party of liberals then I would be in the position of Ronald Reagan when he said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me."

So that leaves the bloggers. Friends, that's you and me. Because we take the time to read his website, the news, and other bloggers, we are now part of the problem, according to Beebe. And if you read the statement carefully, you see he is not speaking of just the conservative bloggers. No. He says, "partisans from both political parties, bloggers..." That's all political bloggers.

Is Mike Beebe against free speech? I am sure that if the blogs were leaning more in his direction he would have left bloggers out of the equation. So, no, Beebe is not against free speech in general; he is simply against speech that points out his ever-present flaws.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


My Other Blog - Tall Tales and Short Stories

For those of you who enjoy a good short story, I have another blog ( that has some of my short stories about adventures from my life. I set the blog up so that family members could read an reminisce about earlier days in our family, but I don't mind if my new friends read a few.



Endorsement Tea Leaves

You can tell a lot about a candidate by looking at who endorses their candidacy. For example, let's look at those endorsing Mike Beebe for governor.

These were the only endorsements that were trumpeted on Beebe's website. One would think that the former President/Governor, Bill Clinton, would endorse him, but if he actually did then they buried it deep in a story very few read. As you can see, the endorsements com from the political left - even left of the mainstream Democrats.

So, now that we know who is proclaiming their loyalty to Mike Beebe, let's take a look at who is endorsing Asa Hutchinson.

It's a sure bet that organizations such as the National Rifle Assn. and Focus on the Family, as well as individuals like President Bush, Mitt Romney and John McCain will endorse Asa Hutchinson.

But what is the difference between these two lists - besides one being primarily liberal leaning and the other conservative?

Well, the NFIB represents small business. Small business makes up a large percentage of Arkansas' employers. If they are endorsing a candidate, you can be sure they believe that candidate will work to limit legislation that harms small business, and in turn employees.

Contrast that to Beebe supporter, the Arkansas Teachers Assn., whose leadership leans left of Hillary. While the rank and file members may not be liberal leaning, the leadership has a "maintain power at all costs" attitude. They do not support strengthening parental rights over what a child is taught and they generally oppose home-schooling.

This is just a preliminary list of endorsements. There will be more to come as the campaign heats up. Let's just watch and see where the conservative and liberal groups place their banners.

Again, as Arkansans move increasingly to the political right, Beebe's supporters are increasingly farther to the left. That doesn't sound like where the average Arkansan wants to go. But wait, Mike is bound to flip-flop and support everything the NFIB endorses, it's just a matter of time.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Beebe & The Sheriff's Task Force

According to the El Dorado News-Times, Mike Beebe and Union County Sheriff Ken Jones are collaborating - more or less. As typical with Beebe, he let someone else do the work and then hitched his wagon to it.

Jones has been working as chairman for the Arkansas Sheriff's Task Force. Apparently, the task for is to link all of the Arkansas county sheriffs to come together in times of national emergency in the state. Jones told News_Times reporter John Worthen that he got the idea from the Louisiana Sheriff's Task Force.

"We are all interested in doing the same thing," Jones said. "We learned during Katrina that we can't depend on the federal government to help us, so the sheriffs decided that we can turn to each other. It's just a good concept, and General Beebe has helped us put this together."

The fact that Union County Sheriff's Department, as well other county sheriff departments, assisted Louisiana in their time of need is laudable. That is what all good neighbors do. That's what makes for good communities.

My problem is with the statement "we can't depend on the federal government to help us" says a lot when looking at the mind set of the good sheriff. First of all, the federal government cannot come to the aid of states in emergency situations without being requested. If the state, such as in Louisiana's case, waits until the last minute to request aid, how then is it the federal governments fault for deficiencies?

The sheriff is right to prepare, but he would be wise to know what the constitutional authority of the federal government is in emergency situations. He would also be wise to keep a wary eye on Mike Beebe.

Of course , as Beebe talks of being prepared and agreeing with Sheriff Jones that the state must be self reliant, he also states that he would "use the governor's office to request federal resources for the position..." Poor Mike just can't stay away from the government teat.

But, isn't that just like a liberal? Always turn to the feds for help instead of helping themselves. Okay Mike, one more time. The federal government is an option of last resort. Arkansas needs to look at growing its economy by lowering the outrageous tax rates in order to pay for needed programs.

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