Tuesday, August 01, 2006


McDaniel vs. Remington Arms and You

What does Dustin McDaniel have against firearms and Arkansas citizens?

It seems that in October of 1999, the man who would be Attorney General of Arkansas filed a lawsuit on behalf of the victims of the Jonesboro shootings. That in and of itself is not so bad. If the perpetrator of the crime can be made to pay, so be it. But, who in their right mind would sue the manufacturer of the weapon.

McDaniel sued Remington Firearms for inadequate warnings and not being sold with locks. This is so insane, one should not even have to comment on the shear lunacy of the matter. However, McDaniel was deadly (pardon the pun) serious, as he is serious about becoming Atty General.

Let's think about this a minute... "inadequate warnings," what exactly is that supposed to mean? Should there be a large label on the side of the stock saying that someone could die if the weapon is fired improperly? If that's the case, there should be a warning on every butter knife stating that someone could be killed if said knife is used improperly. Must we place warning labels on everything? Common sense states that a firearm, if used in an offensive manner, could kill someone. But, McDaniel appears to be lacking in the common sense that Arkansas voters hold dear.

And what if the child that grabs that firearm cannot read the disclaimer? For that matter, we are told that there is an alarming number of adults that are unable to read. What of them and this disclaimer McDaniel believes should have been on the firearm?

McDaniel also states in the lawsuit that the weapon should have been sold with locks. Okay people, some pistols come with trigger locks, but not rifles or shotguns. The kids that shot up that school were using rifles. They were doing so without their parents knowledge. And they stole the weapons they used.

And therein lies the problem. McDaniel is trying to get Remington to pay for the crimes of these kids. With that kind of thinking, all murderers should go free because it was not their fault; it was the manufacturer that was to blame.

McDaniel appears to be a lawyer that is not seeking justice, just a big payday on the anguish of others.

One other thing: McDaniel has stated that he was not the lead attorney on this case, but that he assisted his father on the suit. Why then is his signature on the response to motion for summary judgment?

And this guy wants to be your Attorney General.

To read the court documents: www.gunnerdelay.com

Monday, July 31, 2006


Chris Morris should be embraced

Arkansas has a strong list of statewide candidates on the Republican side of the ticket. There is no reason why the party of Reagan and Lincoln should not sweep the statewide ticket. Except that few people realize we have a candidate for State Treasurer.

Chris Morris is an African-American running on the Republican ticket. Surprised? I am not surprised. Look across the nation. In Maryland, Lt. Governor Steele is running for the U.S. Senate seat in that state. In Oklahoma, the venerable J.C. Watts has left office, but is still a force to be reckoned with. Even Pennsylvania has a notable African-American running on the Republican ticket, Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn Swan.

While the African-American vote is not swinging to the Republican side in any earth shattering way, it is on a gradual move. More an more, we see prominent seats going to conservative African-Americans that have come to realize that, because they are conservative, there is not a home for them in the Democratic Party.

The Arkansas media is taking a strange tact on the Chris Morris campaign. They are ignoring it. If Morris were a Democrat, you can bet his candidacy would be trumpeted from the heights of the Ozarks to depths of the Delta. But he is a Republican.

In Maryland, the state Democratic Party leader and many other prominent Democrats have called Lt. Gov. Steele an "Uncle Tom" and a "boy." Apparently its not racist if the African-American is a Republican. Pennsylvania Democrats are having to be careful on how they approach Swan because of his stature as a football icon in that football-crazed state.

Morris was an advisor to Governor Mike Huckabee, promoted prayer breakfasts across the state, and promoted Covenant Marriage. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Philander College and has experience in financial management.

The other candidates on the Republican ticket should be embracing Morris, not because he is African American, but because he is a highly motivated and experienced candidate. The fact that he is African-American would be forced onto the media once they start covering his campaign.

This is a win-win for Arkansas and the conservative movement. Most of Arkansas, regardless of race, is conservative. Once the electorate realizes that the home for conservative beliefs and idealism is in the Republican Party, faux-conservatives like Beebe and Daniels will never darken the ballot again.

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