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Did Daniels Block Military Votes in 2004?

"Failure is not an option. We are NOT going to lose!" So says Retired General and failed Presidential candidate Wesley Clark to a gathering of Arkansas Democrats who gathered in support of Mike Beebe and Charlie Daniels.

I wonder if the "good" General knows about Daniels record of soldiers from Arkansas not having their votes counted?

51% of the ballots sent out to U.S. soldiers abroad did get "returned' to be counted. While a number of things could have prevented some of those ballots from returning - voter apathy, lost in the mail, etc. - the rate of returned ballots is much higher than comparable states. This, along with national reports that the Democratic party lawyers tried to diminish the military vote, lends an air of suspicion, at the very least.

The Daniels people tried to lay the blame on the Nadar ballots. However, it was the SOS office that spearheaded the effort to remove Nadar from the ballot. Sound familiar? Same effort, different candidate this election.

Arkansas does not allow facsimile of ballots to or from uniformed services or overseas citizens, most other states do, including Oklahoma and Mississippi. Arkansas is one of a handful of states that does not allow a 45 day transit time for ballots.

Many other states sent in military ballots after the election was over - within the 90 day grace period. Arkansas did not.

Beyond the military aspect, there other problems in the Secretary of States office. Daniels' son has been put in charge of the voter registration software. I can understand putting someone you know and trust in a position of trust, but this smacks of blatant nepotism. Typical of the Daniels administration.

Then there is the Daniels campaign taking donations from the very people he hired to install the voting machines. In fact, the same guy that testified against Bill McKuen is the man from which Arkansas bought the voter machines.

Link this with past DUI's and reports that Daniels may be hitting the sauce again and one must wonder about his ability to make honest and clear decisions effecting Arkansans.

The man is so corrupt that when Bill Clinton was Governor, he asked Daniels to resign. That sums things up very well.

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From the Arkansas Watch:

The ball is now in the court of the losers in this case, Secretary of State Charlie Daniels and Attorney General Mike Beebe. Beebe especially wants to keep the Green candidate for Governor, former state Rep. Jim Lendall, off the ballot. The SOS's attorney, Brian Brooks, told the judge they were likely to appeal if he ruled against them. He also said that if the ballot was not finalized in 25 days then it would be too late for overseas military personnel to get their ballots processed.

An appeal would likely mean the disenfranchisment of Arkansan's who are serving overseas in the military. We must raise every kind of protest we can to prevent the state from appealing that decision. The votes of our overseas military members must not be held hostage to the political needs of Mike Beebe and Charlie Daniels. Jim LaGrone, this is why you got in the Secretary of State's race- let's hear from you.

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Beebe's Campaign Ad Grasping at Straws

Mike Beebe has made the first move in the T.V. ad campaign. His first ad of the season comes earlier than traditional ads in a general election, but not for the reason being advertised. The article states that because Mike has not run a statewide campaign he needed to get the jump in order to define himself to the voters. It also states that he is in "good" position to do so considering the status of his campaign war chest.


Mike Beebe is running these ads at this time for one reason only - to counter his faltering polls. The latest Rasmussen poll has Hutchinson to within 7 points - from an earlier 11 point deficit. Other polls have the difference within the margin of error. Beebe's bumbling, gaffes, and out-right falsehoods have left his campaign stammering for a change of direction.

If John Brummett is having misgivings about your Democratic candidacy, then you know you are in trouble. This ad campaign is a grasp at trying to right the ship.
And right it he should. Beebe's inconsistencies on abortion, the grocery tax, gay foster parents, intelligent design, and his general lack of taking a solid stand on any issue would force any candidate with similar woes into the same defensive stance.

Meanwhile, Asa has stood firm on every position he has taken. Like him or not, with Asa Hutchinson, you never have to guess where he is on an issue. In the business world, you can make sound business decisions if you know the government positions are not going to be shifting like the desert sands. And that spells a stable economy for all of Arkansas. With Beebe, Arkansas will be headed down in the quicksand of incompetency.

Brummett Column:

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Term Limits Working

While many of the old politicians in the state opposed term limits - as did their counterparts in the media - it has proven to be better for Arkansas than anyone hoped.

Consider this, there are very few representatives left in the state house since term limits were instituted. In the state senate, the list of senators serving prior to that date is dwindling. Even on the statewide ballots, there are no candidates on the ballot, save Charlie Daniels, that were in a statewide office in 2000.

The infusion of fresh blood in the state house of representatives has moved that house to the right politically. Many of the Democrats that were elected from the eastern and southern parts of the state are conservative in nature. If they hailed from the northwest or western parts of the state, chances are they would have an R trailing their names.

While it is true that Republicans have not made marked gains in the house or senate, they have gained nonetheless. Their conservative ideas are catching hold with conservative Democrats. Conservative legislation is passing at a rate which is alarming to their liberal counterparts.

This year, we conservatives have an opportunity to expand our horizons. We have a full slate of highly qualified conservatives running for statewide offices. In order for us to succeed, each of us must do everything in our power to get out the word on our candidates to the conservative-yet-nonpolitical friends and family in our personal circles. We must all write a letter to the editor to our local paper and to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

A Republican sweep would be unprecedented in modern times for Arkansas. But it is fully within our reach.


Beebe's Tax Votes Hard on Jobs for Graduates

Poor Mike is at it again - snortin' and distortin'. The truth is, Mike Beebe is not part of the solution for Arkansas, he is the problem.

Arkansas college graduates leave the state on a regular basis to find jobs with the degrees they have earned. Why? Because businesses shy away from the state due to the prohibitive taxes. And Mike Beebe has never voted against a tax increase that I can find.

Beebe of Searcy was a state senator from 1983-2003. His record includes yes votes on the following measures, each of which became law: In 1983, a sales-tax increase from 3 percent to 4 percent for education. In 1991, a sales-tax increase from 4 percent to 4. 5 percent and sales tax imposed on used motor vehicles, mostly to raise teacher salaries.

In 1995, a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot in 1996 for a one-eighth percentage point sales tax for conservation measures.

In 1995, a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot in 1996 to require school districts to have a property tax of at least 25 mills for maintenance and operation for schools. In 1997, a state income-tax cut of $ 71 million by raising the standard deduction and exempting the lowest income earners from paying income tax, among other things. In 1999, a capital gains-tax cut by exempting 30 percent of a taxpayer’s capital gains from being taxed.

In 1999, a constitutional amendment placed on the 2000 ballot to create a $ 300 homestead property-tax credit and limit property-tax bill increases to 5 percent annually. In 2000, a state sales-tax increase from 4. 625 percent to 5. 125 percent to make up for the homestead property-tax credit.
That is just a part of his tax-and-spend history. Compound that with his continuous flip-flopping on issues and his dubious friends and one can see that he is not a solid choice for Arkansas. Heck, he doesn't even measure up to a flimsy choice for the state.


Arkansas Watch: Elliot Ness vs. Nick Wilson (Attorney General Race)

Arkansas Watch: Elliot Ness vs. Nick Wilson (Attorney General Race)
Great work!

See my earlier blog on McDaniels attacking Remington Arms at:

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Upcoming Event - Jim Lagrone Trust Tour

We hope you can join us. Can you pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.

Join the Jim Lagrone Trust Tour
for a whistle stop train Excursion
August 19, 2006
Departing Springdale at 8:00 AM
Returning to Springdale at 4:00 PM
$37 for adults, $27 for children 4-12
lap children 3 & and under are free

This will be a full "Arkansas Excursion" with the Arkansas/Missouri Railroad with Special whistle stop press conferences on Dixon Street in Fayetteville and Van Buren. There will be a three hour stay in Historical Van Buren where there are 80 shops and several restaurants. To purchase tickets call Julie Harris at 479-283-2251

To know more about the AR/MO Railroad go to


Upcoming Events: Sebastian County

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 6:00 P.M.




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Democratic Economics

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Beebe's Alternative Fuel Source

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