Saturday, August 26, 2006


McDaniels Doesn't Lean Left; He Leaps Left.

In a questionnaire for, Attorney General candidate Dustin McDaniel states that he is opposed to ending parole for repeat violent offenders and he is against strengthening the penalties and sentencing for drug-related crimes. This is from the man that wants to be our top law enforcement official!

Ironically, McDaniel is in favor of trying a juvenile as an adult for violent crimes. Really?!

It was McDaniel who sued Remington Arms and the gun owners over the Jonesboro shootings. Nevermind that the kids stole the weapons, stalked the school yard, and shot the students and teachers. He wanted to go after people and businesses that were not involved. He says he is in favor of "increasing state funding for community centers and other social agencies in areas with at-risk youth," but these kids in Jonesboro were hardly "at risk" kids. At least not "at risk" as defined by the traditional definition.

Other things McDaniel opposes:

Things McDaniel is for:

So much for McDaniel's claim of being a friend of Arkansans. More like he is a friend of the far left wing of his own party. Even the majority of Arkansas Democrats don't lean this far left.

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