Friday, September 22, 2006


Meet The Political Sniper

I will be at the Arkansas/Oklahoma Fair this Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 23 & 24). You will find me at the Republican booth in the show room.

Stop by and say "Hi." Let's talk politics, sports, or the future of Arkansas.

I'll see you at the Fair!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hippie Billary

As you read John Brummett over the coming months and his articles appear to lean conservative from time to time, keep one thing in mind. This is who he wants for President.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Groundwork For a Terrorist Attack On Rome?

With all of the jihadist talk of "war against the west," "war against the evil crusaders," and "war against the Pope," has anyone talen time to notice the anniversary coming up in November?

In November of 1095, Pope Urban II gave a sermon at the Council of Clermont that called for Christians to "go to war for the Sepulcher." In the sermon, he promised that "the journey would count as full penance and that the homes of the absent ones would be protected by a truce." The first of the crusades started in the following Spring of 1096.

November of 1095 subtracted from November of 2006, according to my handy little calculator, equals 911 years.

Just a recurring thought that I felt should be shared.


Mike Lorenz for Fort Smith

First of all, Fort Smith is a great place to live, especially for families. There are great people, good shops, wonderful churches, and opportunities for a great education at UA - Fort Smith.

However, politically we have become rather stale. The biggest thing to move here on the jobs front in recent years is the new Target and Academy stores. Whirlpool is laying off workers. And there is an ongoing battle over the building of a casino on the Riverfront.

I believe it is time to start looking for qualified candidates to bring new blood to the leadership roles in this city. For that reason, I am supporting Mike Lorenz for District 5 at-large City Director.

Mike has a proven track record in business, his family has been in Fort Smith for more than one hundred years (so he's not a Johnny-come-lately), and he has fresh ideas for improving Fort Smith.

Any city that has the same leaders in place for an extended length of time tends to become stagnant, regardless of the quality of the leaders. Fort Smith has benefited from some wonderful leaders over the years, but has very little turnover in city hall. While continuity is good for business, so are fresh ideas and new directions. That's what Mike Lorenz brings to the table.

I have posted Mike's website on my list of links to your left. Check it out and see for yourself. Become an informed electorate and study the candidates. I believe that you too will come to support Mike Lorenz.


Today's Headlines of Interest

From Texarkana: Republicans gather for parade and good fun.

From Little Rock: Dueling law enforcement endorsements.

From Greenwood: Hot for Teacher.

From In Front of His Computer: David Saders on the Governor Debate

New Link: Mike Lorenz for City Director in Fort Smith.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Blogging Through History

Well, John's off his meds again; though some wonder if he was ever on them. This time he rants and raves about somebody using "free expression" without being vetted by a "real" journalist or a "real" editor. Sorry John, it was your liberal friends on the Supreme Court that came up with "freedom of expression."

ANB may have to revoke John's web privileges if he keeps getting upset over Arkansans using their constitutional right of free speech. Now, the video he's upset over may or may not be true - the jury is still out on that one. But at the root of the problem for John is that the government doesn't have a say in the material, his liberal friends on the editorial staff have no say, and he has no say.

Go back and study your American history. Many of the pamphlets that were instrumental in moving the colonists towards war were historical versions of today's blogs. They had no editor. The government was unable to control what was said in them. And those that disagreed with the pamphlets had to respond via the newspapers of the day.

John, what is the difference between an American citizen exercising his right to free speech (political speech at that) and some of the things we see in the commercials politicians run each cycle? LBJ's commercial with the little girl and mushroom cloud backdrop was nothing more than a blatant lie. Virtually everything the Clinton's ran about the economy in 1992 was a lie. And I am sure you believe many of the political ads Republicans have run are lies. So why should a citizens rights be infringed upon when yours are not?

Sadly, I must agree with you, John, about the Katie fiasco at CBS. After a long day at work, the last thing I want to see delivering my news on television is a perky idiot. There are many women that are entirely capable of delivering a serious news broadcast; Katie isn't one of them.

John Brummett's 9/16/06 Article:

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